The Weather Takes a Break

TucsonA nice little look at winter this evening from Tucson.  This is how it looked early today in the city after 1-3" snow overnight.  Bob & Elaine  sent the picture from their winter hangout.  They headed down there to escape the cold in the Northwest!
As for our weather…wow, it sure looks s-l-o-w the next few days at least.  A ridge sits over/near the Northwest over the next 7-10 days in one form or another.  All models try to bring some sort of closed low or weakening system near or into the Northwest around Friday…how that actually occurs is up in the air, so I left rain out of the forecast for now.  Since we have several frontal systems moving by to the north, it’s keeping surface high pressure from building east of the Cascades.  That means no gusty east wind for now.  Models develop a bit more easterly flow Wednesday and Thursday with the low approaching from the southwest.  This won’t be a cold high for now since it’s so mild in the Columbia Basin.  We’ll see about next week.  If the ridge were to sharpen over us or back off slightly to the west we would see cooler air develop at the surface.  The big picture though is…do something else for a few days….you won’t be missing much on the weather maps.  Maybe the weather action will return for February…Mark

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  1. Tornado Aly says:


  2. Tornado Aly says:

    Yes, the next two weeks is definitely critical. I honestly don’t think this winter is over though. I don’t think the el-nino is set enough to continue the rest of the winter, esp with that huge arctic mass in Canada. I’m hoping that’ll push the jet stream south of us, and squash the el-nino trend. But what do I know, lol. I just spend the last 4 days writing down pages of notes studying meteorology (always has been a passion of mine), so I’m very green at this. I love everyone’s imputs!!!

  3. josh "from Everett" says:

    The models did improve a little, but not a lot. They are trending for another cool down come Feb. though. Hopefully it continues. I’d hate for El Nino to set up for the rest of the winter. The next 2 weeks will be critical.

  4. Tornado Aly says:

    nevermind, I see the models are still all over the place on that…. just learning, sorry

  5. Tornado Aly says:

    Wow, it’ll be interesting to see if this pans out…. Looking at la la land 00z GFS 276-348 hr. Too early to tell yet, but that’s an impressive Arctic Mass headed East of us.

  6. timmy - scappoose says:

    randall that would be nice, but its much harder to get the cold air to come are way, the rockies and the cascades are in the way, and then the pacifc generaly goes west-east. all that makes the PNW a crappy place for snow.
    clinton, did steve tell you about wednesday?

  7. AtmosphericWrath -Southeast Portland- says:

    TTD-DLS gradient -2.3mb showing a possible trend to increase quite nicely.

  8. Randall says:

    Hey all,
    Wouldn’t it be great if what usually happens here happens back east……..that the cold air showing 7-10 days out ends up missing them and ends up farther west into our area?? If the trends keep up, we could see that occur!

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