Nice Little Snowstorm

All done with weather sessions for today…once again I can’t believe I’m stuck in Texas and missing the great snowstorm.  That’s not only for professional reasons, but personal as well.  I love seeing a good snowfall too just like the rest of the weather fanatics.

What a bust…but when the forecast calls for "up to an inch" of snow (NWS) or 1-2" (me, unfortunately via blog only) it shouldn’t be an incredible surprise that 1-3" falls.  Unfortunately it appears that it was 2-5"…so, obviously a bust.  And most important is the public perception which I assume will be "the best snowstorm in 3 years and no one called for it".  It is good that some of you did better than I did on snow amounts.  Of course I have to remind you that there were at least several times this winter that forecasters on this blog expected snow and it never materialized, so that works both ways…just a gentle reminder of course.  I really wich I could be there for the "after storm" discussion on the other stations to see what the other weather folks say…we can’t get defensive and cranky after these sorts of busts.

I don’t have much to say about the next few days since I haven’t looked very far ahead.  So enjoy the snow…Mark

903 Responses to Nice Little Snowstorm

  1. Brian @ E. Vancouver says:

    500mb is a little over 18,000 ft. in a standard atmosphere.

  2. Derek-West Gresham says:

    I believe he meant 850mb in terms of its 5000ft. 500mb is 25000 I think, but that one I dont know.

  3. ChuckyD81 says:

    w.v.m. …
    There are also plenty of other surfaces that are used as meteorological maps and projections.
    Kelvin surfaces….thicknesses….theta E….etc…etc.

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