Nice Little Snowstorm

January 16, 2007

All done with weather sessions for today…once again I can’t believe I’m stuck in Texas and missing the great snowstorm.  That’s not only for professional reasons, but personal as well.  I love seeing a good snowfall too just like the rest of the weather fanatics.

What a bust…but when the forecast calls for "up to an inch" of snow (NWS) or 1-2" (me, unfortunately via blog only) it shouldn’t be an incredible surprise that 1-3" falls.  Unfortunately it appears that it was 2-5"…so, obviously a bust.  And most important is the public perception which I assume will be "the best snowstorm in 3 years and no one called for it".  It is good that some of you did better than I did on snow amounts.  Of course I have to remind you that there were at least several times this winter that forecasters on this blog expected snow and it never materialized, so that works both ways…just a gentle reminder of course.  I really wich I could be there for the "after storm" discussion on the other stations to see what the other weather folks say…we can’t get defensive and cranky after these sorts of busts.

I don’t have much to say about the next few days since I haven’t looked very far ahead.  So enjoy the snow…Mark

Snow Totals

January 16, 2007

Snow totals (new snow, not including last week’s snow) here only.  Location and depth…Mark

Snow & Ice Arrives

January 16, 2007

Too bad I can’t be back in Portland to enjoy the little snow storm (with some freezing rain/ice pellets thrown in).  Looks like the moisture is arriving nicely this morning, just as models forecast.  I still like the 1-2" snow forecast I mentioned yesterday, maybe 3" with enough moisture moving through.  Some areas are starting with the freezing rain/ice pellets, but that should then changeover to snow as the heavier precip arrives, evaporating into the dry air, cooling it down to freezing or below.  So don’t panic if you start with no snow, it may change to snow if you’re in the metro area.  It’s going to be very tough to get above 32 degrees today across much of the city with cloud cover and still a light easterly drift out of the Gorge…so enjoy…Mark.