Weather Conference Extra

January 15, 2007

How interesting…I’m sitting here in a hotel room in downtown San Antonio (quite close to the Alamo by the way), and there’s a winter storm warning up for this area.  It rained all night, just like home, but now it’s cloudy with a breezy north wind.  Temp 32, dewpoint 22 and about to start raining again.  Sound familiar?…A perfect setup for freezing rain with cold dry air below and warm southwesterly flow above.  That will look nice on the palm trees.

I’ve looked at all the weather maps for the NW in the last hour while on break…looks good for some snow tomorrow morning.  Obviously it’s cold enough for some frozen precip since Corbett at the west end of the Gorge gusted to 66 mph this morning WHILE the temperature was 21…that’s brutal.  That is transporting drier air into the metro area too, so when a weak system arrives around daybreak, whatever is left should fall as snow.  I notice 2 changes from midday yesterday when I posted.  One is that the system appears to hold together on models pretty well, they definitely are not backing off much.  The other is that there is no significant south or southwest wind to warm us (you) up tomorrow.  Just weak onshore flow behind the front.  The Gorge wind just dies down overnight tonight.  This is a good setup for sudden light snowfall too.

So…even though this is only an online forecast, I expect 1-2" snowfall in the city of Portland (and surrounding areas) for the morning commute tomorrow.  It will fall on all surfaces, including streets, and then melt by midday (on the roads). Whatever falls will be done by midday or so, then it’s back to dry ridging until the weekend…this is a one-shot deal.  It’s not a big storm but a nice little light snowfall…Mark