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December 27, 2006

Rain/snow showers now all finished across the region after dropping sticking snow in spots down to around 1000′.  I had just a trace at 1000’…everything was just a bit white.  Looks like the coldest metro airport temps got was 36 or 37 when the coldest showers passed through around 3-4am.

High pressure at the surface builds directly overhead through tomorrow morning, so a calm wind start to the day with plenty of icy fog.  High then builds quickly eastside tomorrow afternoon/evening.  I notice the MM5 develops a strong gradient through the Gorge between 4-10pm tomorrow evening/night.  10 millibars by Friday morning at least!  Plenty of chilly air too so Friday is going to feel like winter with gusty east wind and highs only around 40 on the eastside of town.  Friday through Sunday should be good for frozen waterfalls in the Gorge too as highs near river level only get up to around 35 degrees at best.  That east wind will be gusting to 60-70 mph Friday in the usual spots out there too…brrr!

Weak system falls apart Friday afternoon as it passes overhead.  A 2nd storm New Year’s eve does the same.  If you look back over the last 4-6 runs of the GFS, it’s obvious the rain keeps getting pushed back in time, as models seem to be slow catching onto a developing split-flow/dry ridge pattern.  I’m not sure if this is a long term trend or just a 5-7 day break from the stormy weather…time will tell.  Stay warm!…Mark