Midweek Vacation Extra

December 20, 2006

Here is a note I sent to a few weather friends last night around 10pm…Too bad I didn’t take the time to put it on the blog too, but hey, I’m on vacation this week.


I”ve been out of the loop, trying to forget weather for a week while off.  But I just looked at 12z and 00z info and I don’t see how the metro area could get freezing rain tomorrow.

1.  Very little moisture at first.
2.  Airmass coming through the Gorge is barely cold enough to get freezing rain to Troutdale.  Corbett is 30 this evening with a dewpoint in mid-upper 20’s.  It needs to be 28 or less there as the precip starts to get freezing rain into Troutdale, at least that’s what I’ve noticed in the past.
I’d say 33 for at low at PDX tonight, but a quick rise to 35 when precip starts at midday (00z ETA doesn’t have it here until afternoon).
I think this will be a bust.  Just doesn’t look cold enough with precip even arriving at the right time…okay maybe a pocket or two if precip arrives before 10am, but freezing rain needs a sustained inflow of cold/dry air to continue more than an hour, and I don’t see that anywhere other than Troutdale east…