Wind Ends, Rain Begins

What a crazy east wind episode…3 days of gusts over 60 mph at the west end of the Gorge and the average windspeed at Corbett Grade School has been above 39 mph for 24 hours now.  Peak gust there was at least 71 mph earlier today.  Our own "blogette"? Tyler Mode recorded a 95 mph gust with his hand-held anemometer at Vista House about 2 miles east of there…no wonder the place was falling apart!  It just went through a several years-long renovation.  The wind continues strong or may increase slightly through tonight as the gradient holds around 9-11 millibars PDX-DLS.  A wave moving north along the coast tightens the gradient slightly until about daybreak, then the wind should die down to much more reasonable gusts to 50 mph tomorrow and tomorrow night.  We won’t lose the east wind completely until Monday when a gusty southerly wind develops across the metro area.

Rain showers arrive overnight, and it will be rain, except closer to 1000′ at the west end of the Gorge and 500′ at the east wind.  Considering current temps/dewpoints, it appears the upper hills around Corbett/Washougal, Stevenson & the Hood River Valley will see freezing rain.

Very wet system Monday and another wetter one later Wednesday/Thursday pretty much all agreed upon by models.  I don’t see deep low pressure to give us damaging southerly winds.

As I mentioned last night, a chilly airmass Friday-Saturday next week.  Maybe snow to 1000′, possibly lower, but that’s 7-9 days away.  We ARE in prime time for snow or arctic air, as much prime time as you can get here at sea-level in the Northwest.  Keep in mind that 34 years ago quite an arctic blast sat over the Northwest.  Redmond hit their all-time low of -28 on this date.  PDX dropped to 8 with highs only in the lower 20’s…So I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any sign in the models…Mark

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  1. Where’d everybody go???

  2. J.R. says:

    Rob when do you see us getting those strong winds?

  3. updated…
    Nomad buoy 28.94 & falling
    S 29G37

  4. Astoria
    48 F
    29.96 in
    Light Rain
    SE at 7 mph
    5:55 PM PST

  5. Whidbey Island Naval Air Station
    46 F
    29.97 in
    ESE at 16 mph
    5:55 PM PST

  6. So Rob…what about tonite?? Anyone gonna get any wind??

  7. Rob -Southeast Portland- says:

    Well J.R. if the computer models are correct then I’d say 55-75mph in the valleys. 90-115mph on the coast.
    This is a model Steve Pierce showed earlier. It’s the MM-5 GFS projected pressure gradient. Look at how tightly packed the isobars are for the valley. Yikes!

    If this model verifies it could be “THE BIG ONE” we have been long overdue for.

  8. Nomad buoy 28.97 & falling
    S 25G31

  9. Well, doesn’t matter anyway :0)
    But I will copy & paste it. It is from 8.3 miles S of Mist.
    For: 8.3 miles south of Mist.
    Created: December 12, 2006 17:48:17 PST
    : High Wind Watch in effect 12 am PST to 10 am PST Wednesday
    This Afternoon: Rain. Probability of measurable precipitation 80 percent. Southeast wind 10 mph. High 46.
    Tonight: Rain. Probability of measurable precipitation 100 percent. South wind 36 mph. Low 43.
    Wednesday: Rain then rain showers. Probability of measurable precipitation 100 percent. Southwest wind 24 mph. High 48.
    Wednesday Night: Rain showers. Probability of measurable precipitation 70 percent. Southwest wind 10 mph. Low 37.
    Thursday: Rain. Probability of measurable precipitation 70 percent. Southeast wind 13 mph. High 48.
    Thursday Night: Rain. Probability of measurable precipitation 80 percent. Low 40.

  10. Rob -Southeast Portland- says:

    Btw the storm offshore tonight is 962mb or slightly lower , which is comparable to the 1962 Columbia Day storm in strength (960mb).
    WV loop is impressive
    A strong warm front and very strong cold front is accompanying this system so I won’t be too surprised if Salem north has gusts 40-55mph.

  11. J.R. says:

    so what are your perdictions on this wind storm that NWS came out with. What do you think we will see… how fast and when?

  12. Rob -Southeast Portland- says:

    Jordan, I just noticed that on the NWS page also…
    Area Forecast For: Lower Columbia and I-5 Corridor
    …including Kelso, Castle Rock, Kalama and Woodland
    Issued: December 12, 2006 14:47:40 PST
    Tonight: Rain at times this evening then increasing rain. Lows in the mid 40s. Southeast wind 5 to 15 mph…increasing to 15 to 30 mph overnight with gusts up to 55 mph.
    Wednesday: Rain in the morning…then showers. South wind 20 to 30 mph through mid-morning with gusts up to 55 mph…then southwest 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 40 mph. Highs around 50.
    How would PDX only have 40mph gusts when just 20 miles or so N 55mph? Doesn’t make sense to me. I’d say 50mph PDX, or if the lower end verifies than 40mph PDX, then 45mph Longview/Kelso/Kalama, etc

  13. snodaze says:

    I don’t buy it… There is no snow this weekend…
    you may see snow flakes in the air for 2 minutes while you cake on the suntan lotion, or look in wonder at stars over the weekend… (wink wink)
    Sorry to say… all of the hype will pan out to Snu-thing.
    You need moisture (or shoot, clouds even) to make snow. I don’t see it.

  14. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    Well the forecast online includes Tuesday (today) which leads me to believe it is an older version.

  15. Matthias - North Portland says:

    New 7-day now only has one measly snowflake LOL. Mark/Drew do not seem too convinced.

  16. Ben says:

    That’s weird because on the actual newscast Jeff said highs around 42 for the weekend, but after looking at website, it does say 36 & 35. Maybe he was using an old 7 day on the newscast…wouldn’t surprise me.

  17. jacob BPA says:

    has highs of 36 and 35 for Sat and Sunday
    Scary if they are on the Ball on this one

  18. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    I wonder if Mark is back tonight, seems to have had the flu last night. Hope he’s feeling better.
    Still 49.1 here, don’t expect it to drop too much tonight as the winds pick up. Pressure 30.00″ and falling. Wind SE @ 5.

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