Wind & Fog

Quite a difference in weather across the metro area this evening.  Dense fog and low clouds covers the entire Willamette Valley south of about a Newberg-Oregon City line.  McMinnville never got above 38 today.  At the other extreme it’s crystal clear with great visibility on the east side of the metro area…but wind has gusted over 40 mph at Troutdale Airport and 60 mph at Corbett as of 9pm.  By the way, if you own a wind instrument, please post your peak speeds in the previous post.  In between the two extremes is downtown Portland, Clark County, and Western Metro Area with hazy skies, but very little fog expected tonight as the dry east wind fights the fog to the south.  It should continue to be a stalemate the next 24 hours which means mucky down south and windy up north.

One noticeable change today is the slow deepening of the cold pool east of the Cascades.  Check out Condon today, at 2,800′.  They were 41 at 11am, but soon after noon it dropped into the 20’s.  They were basically "swallowed" up by the deepening cold airmass.  We do a forecast for our sister station KFXO in Bend, and forecasting Redmond’s temperature tomorrow is a nightmare.  Either 56 or 30 for a high there at 3,000′.
Because of this there is an obvious cooling in the airmass flowing through the Gorge this evening.  Both TTD and Corbett are running 4-5 degrees cooler tonight.  I like those 2 sites since the east wind was blowing hard last night and is doing so tonight…a great comparison of the "airmass" temperature.  As a result I think we’ll drop 3-4 degrees at PDX tomorrow for a high, so I went 43.  Did you notice Timberline was in the 50’s?  Looks like winter inversions are here!  Mark

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  1. Paul says:

    I go here for weather and I get
    “complain radio”- umm, if I wanted
    commie red paranoia I’d tune into
    AM. If you have a problem with the
    “system” write a letter. I’d rather
    concentrate on meteorology.
    Reactionary nutcases need their own

  2. Mark Nelsen says:

    Okay Jacob, just for fun…here’s a test since I know a few people over at BPA. There are only 2 or 3 meteorologists working there. One has been there at least 15 years. What’s his name? And someone is in charge of the meteorologists and has been there about 20 years, a woman. Her name? If you don’t want to give out a name online, send me an email.

  3. kirk says:

    Did I scare you off Jacob? Anyway back to the weather I hope La La land holds up. A white Christmas would be a very rare event

  4. kirk says:

    And NO I am not saying it is an epidemic but some things just go on. Sometimes things are done certain ways just to keep everything running smoothly. It just might not be the most efficient way.

  5. kirk says:

    There is waste in every field government or not. I could tell you stories that would make people sick. It used to bug me but it is just reality. You cant control everything you can just police yourself 100% and try to influence the others.

  6. jacob BPA says:

    Um kirk
    I dont know if I should laugh or not
    And we pay for those meetings Tax Deduct LOL

  7. kirk says:

    TS….As a former government employee you would be suprised what happens on the tax payers dime

  8. jacob BPA says:

    I wonder what koin uses

  9. kirk says:

    Many television stations employ professional meteorologists rather than reporters to present weather information to their viewers.
    Sounds like Mark!

  10. jacob BPA says:

    if you havent notice the weather plays a big part of you utility bills and the future of clean energy depends on the weather.
    This is new for BPA but has taken off with great success And I do work alot of hours and my job Does make me Look at the weather for consumption and for our crews.
    here is a Snip of a article this is for TS
    The largest employer of meteorologists in this country is the United States government. Many work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which includes the National Weather Service. Some are on active duty with the military services, primarily the Air Force and the Navy, while others are civilian employees of the Department of Defense. Other federal agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Department of Energy, and the Department of Agriculture also employ meteorologists. Other major employers include universities and private industry. University meteorologists teach and work in atmospheric research programs. There are increasing employment opportunities for meteorologists in industry, private consulting firms, and research organizations. Many television stations employ professional meteorologists rather than reporters to present weather information to their viewers.

  11. jacob BPA says:

    We Do meet for lunch or Brunch
    and we dont work 24 /7 Especially the mets 9-4 unless otherwise needed. we also share them with Cinergy
    I would be rich LOL
    And you are more then welcome to come to the complex anytime LOL or Downtown 905 NE 11th Ave.
    Portland, OR 97232 LOL But Good luck on getting in After 9/11 its hard to get past securtiy LOL
    And I can name 4 other Power companies that use Mets
    Duke Energy

  12. Seems like a weak windstorm so far, not much going on. The last couple nights have been blustery, but nothing to get excited about. Winds are a little high right now but still, nothing too special (average for winter). Maybe things will start to shake up a bit soon. This boring weather is reminding me of San Diego.

  13. Rob -Southeast Portland- says:

    TTD-DLS gradient -8.6mb. Should that increase as lower pressure approaches from the SW? I thought it would.

  14. Rob -Southeast Portland- says:

    I also believe that Jacob does indeed work there.
    Yeah Derek the winds are gusting near 50mph.

  15. Derek-West Gresham says:

    I’ve been listening to him long enough to believe he does work there. Not perfect, but pretty good. Gusted to 68mph at Corbett at 8:30!! Strong winds here too.

  16. TS says:

    FYI…there is NO Jacob working for BPA.
    Energy company meteorologists, especially FEDERAL employee meteorologists do not work 24/7. They also do not meet for brunch on government time to discuss the weather.

  17. offroadjosh-aloha says:

    check out this great site. it helps you learn about weather and weather maps.

  18. Charlie says:

    this is a good site about the (ENSO)-

  19. Brian @ E. Vancouver says:

    PDO: Pacific Decadal Oscillation
    This page refers if you can link to it ok the way it reads in here:

  20. jacob BPA says:

    OK I ve gone through the maps and details of our meeting today the next 4 weeks will be what we have been looking for at BPA.
    Colder air is going to start pooling up but what is even more impressive is the amount of cooling in the Bering Straight and next week to the gulf of AK
    to the point of unsualwhich it may be meaning LALA land but this is what our guys have been saying for months.
    Snow threat Starts late next week through Christmas
    Check this out and look

  21. w.w.m. says:

    Ok, Justin (Brush P.) what is this PDO you keep refering to? and what does it mean when it goes negative? And, how does this year compare to some of those years? Are you mainly refering to patterns?

  22. cliff says:

    Noaa forecaster ,De Jesus, has deepended the storm off the Cal coast by 3 millibars in the 6 hours ending at 10 am pst. He/she forecasts the gale to be located off the N cal coast at 39deg N 124 W in the next 6 or so hours (If I read the map correctly)….Map available at: http;// is the 10am pst (18Z) map…the 4am version at pyba05.gif

  23. Derek-West Gresham says:

    Wow, 67mph. Should exceed 70 within a few hours. Pretty gusty conditons here, hope this continues.

  24. Rob -Southeast Portland- says:

    Corbett 67mph gust at least. Hey getting closer to my prediction of exceeding 70mph soon.

  25. Rob -Southeast Portland- says:
    998mb low off the northern California coast which should continue to strengthen. As that approaches and in response to the higher pressure in the Columbia Basin the pressure gradient should IMO really begin to increase. Upwards of -12mb or so I think is realistic.
    Any thoughts?

  26. windman says:

    I agree, bring on the wind! Maybe gusts to 55mph at our houses tonight, do you know who I am but I am too lazy to type it in from the station…lol

  27. Rob -Southeast Portland- says:

    TTD-DLS gradient back up to -9.0mb.
    Soon Corbett should exceed 70mph.

  28. Rob -Southeast Portland- says:

    Corbett sustained 46mph!
    Gust 66mph!
    Also Bridal Veil 27mph G 33. Impressive for them.
    Gradient IMO has to be tightening further.

  29. Justin-Brush Prairie says:

    Charlie, there’s been a ton of discussion about analogs as of late, and 1965 should be one of the ones coming up. Very similar strengthed El Nino, with a -PDO in January-February.
    Other years that are similar:
    1965 also had a White Christmas for many AND New Year’s, granted it wasn’t much but it was white at least.
    BTW, am liking the ensemble consistency for next week’s trough, as of now a lot obviously remains to be seen, but mostly I just like the agreement for COLD AIR returning to Alaska/Yukon, don’t know if our trough will even have that sort of connection but a nice trough with lower snow levels looks likely starting next week. And by lower snow levels I mean 1500-2500ft, mountains should get some really nice powder and have a nice Christmas ski season. Will continue to spot out model trends.
    BTW, the PDO is REALLY negative right now

    I’d guess -1.0 or so, maybe a little lower. Current thinking guesses that it will stay negative through the end of the month, putting it in that lovely 1968 company.

  30. charlie says:

    Is this year like 1965? I been told the weather patterns are very similar

  31. Rob -Southeast Portland- says:

    Interesting observations I noted on my way home from East Gresham.
    Where I was in East Gresham near Powell street I noticed it was breezy(15-20G30), but by no means down right windy. When I got to Gresham High School it was a little windier(15-25G35).
    When I got just north of Division Street and 182nd towards my house there was a noticeable increase(20-30 G40). If anyone remembers before I was explaining how I thought I lived in a “wind channel” area. Well I definitely do and know for sure now.

  32. windman says:

    Corbett just hit 64mph

  33. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    Ya Sean, I think my highest pressure ever is 30.68″ and that was back in the arctic outbreak in December of 1998.

  34. Sean (Lebanon, Indiana) says:

    Also the pressure is up to 30.64 now.. Don’t see it that high very often..

  35. aaa says:

    Gradient at -8.6mb and increasing!

  36. Sean (Lebanon, Indiana) says:

    You guys can have some of my cold air.. πŸ™‚

  37. Ben says:

    It is going to happen this time…you’ll see!!

  38. charlie says:

    the 18z model still brings in “cooler” weather on December 16th and 17th. It still has the moisture, but how long will it stay that cold is my question.

  39. Today’s highest gust was 66 mph this morning around 1 am. It looks like the pressure gradient between KPDX and KDLS has gone from 9 down to 7.5.

  40. Derek-West Gresham says:

    I am eagerly watching the extended, looks very interesting. Maybe a real snow event for me instead of a pittily weak one. If we had -8C or below with sustained precip it would be a snow storm, think snow everybody.

  41. Derek-West Gresham says:

    Have had a couple of huge gusts out here today, my house was shaking.. πŸ™‚ Gradient weakened but should be picking back up soon. Tomorrow we will break that -10mb, we got close with a -9.2 today (TTD-DLS)

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