Wind & Fog

December 6, 2006

Quite a difference in weather across the metro area this evening.  Dense fog and low clouds covers the entire Willamette Valley south of about a Newberg-Oregon City line.  McMinnville never got above 38 today.  At the other extreme it’s crystal clear with great visibility on the east side of the metro area…but wind has gusted over 40 mph at Troutdale Airport and 60 mph at Corbett as of 9pm.  By the way, if you own a wind instrument, please post your peak speeds in the previous post.  In between the two extremes is downtown Portland, Clark County, and Western Metro Area with hazy skies, but very little fog expected tonight as the dry east wind fights the fog to the south.  It should continue to be a stalemate the next 24 hours which means mucky down south and windy up north.

One noticeable change today is the slow deepening of the cold pool east of the Cascades.  Check out Condon today, at 2,800′.  They were 41 at 11am, but soon after noon it dropped into the 20’s.  They were basically "swallowed" up by the deepening cold airmass.  We do a forecast for our sister station KFXO in Bend, and forecasting Redmond’s temperature tomorrow is a nightmare.  Either 56 or 30 for a high there at 3,000′.
Because of this there is an obvious cooling in the airmass flowing through the Gorge this evening.  Both TTD and Corbett are running 4-5 degrees cooler tonight.  I like those 2 sites since the east wind was blowing hard last night and is doing so tonight…a great comparison of the "airmass" temperature.  As a result I think we’ll drop 3-4 degrees at PDX tomorrow for a high, so I went 43.  Did you notice Timberline was in the 50’s?  Looks like winter inversions are here!  Mark