Quiet (Most Spots) Tuesday

Not much change tonight except the next weather system offshore is clearly pumping up the upper-level ridging over us.  In response, high pressure at the surface is developing quickly.  The PDX-DLS gradient (easterly through Gorge) is past 6 millibars already this evening and the wind gusts are responding.  Over 30 mph at TTD and 51 mph at 9:15pm up in Corbett.  We are now in a similar setup to last week’s east wind event, although a bit warmer for now.  I assume the gradient will pop up to 10 millibars or so by tomorrow evening.  One difference this time will keep the wind going through Friday…a surface trough or low approaches from the southwest Friday, which is always good for very strong wind at the end of an east wind event.  So this will probably be the strongest wind event of the season so far.
A pretty obvious change on the long range maps this evening.  We transition to an active westerly jet and rainy weather Friday night and into next week.  Earlier GFS today had quite a bit of rain over us Sunday-Monday, newer model does not have that.
Tie everything down if you live east of I-205!  Mark

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  1. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    Mark has a new post. Click on the wind gusts and you will see it.

  2. kyle says:

    We just had a power blink here at Skamania Lodge

  3. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    It definitely is here. Before I would hear the wind howl to nearly roaring through once in a while. Now it’s every gust and louder.

  4. Derek-West Gresham says:

    Sounds like its here. And I was simply saying it looks just as cold as the other one, or maybe slightly colder. No details to be pinned down yet.

  5. kyle says:

    wind rageing in Stevenson, in the gorge my neighbor lost a 20ft pine tree

  6. Mat says:

    How does that look similar to the last one Derek? It doesn’t appear that there is an arctic front that would swing south like the last one. Looks more over the water to me. Just an observation. But please, bring it.

  7. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    Looks like the wind might being to start raging now.
    Corbett is 41mph sustained G63
    Hopefully they do not lose power and can continue to report overnight.

  8. Mat says:

    Wheres Josh? I think he’s playin in the snow up in Everett. lol

  9. Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

    Foggy and 30 degrees. Sun came out for a couple of hours this afternoon, but we’re back to very cold and foggy. Front porch, back deck, and car roof are all icy. Fog is not very thick, though, because I can see the waning gibbous moon shining through the fog.
    Not a bit of wind here.

  10. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    The wind has picked up at my house. Gusts definitely 40-45mph. You can hear it even from my basement now.

  11. Derek-West Gresham says:

    No real change in the winds. I imagine at some point they pick up, but when? I dont know… Also that was a promising batch of cold weather on the models. Could be another situation similar to our last one, only its later in the year so maybe better if it happens? It did have thickness down to 514dm or so.

  12. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    Corbett now has finally gusted to 60mph at least.

  13. offroadjosh-aloha says:

    LOL @ Antipex!! btw 33.7 here. and lots of sirens for some reason. i am not getting anything on my poilce scanner either.

  14. charlie says:

    A few models in a row been hinting for cooler weather later next week. the new 00z brought in the coolest weather during that time so far.

  15. Antipex-SE Gresham says:

    Yeah offroadjosh – the National Blog Service may need to post another advisory!

  16. jacob BPA says:

    Hi guys Im back what a mess in the midwest Im heading to Bed So just wanted to check in Will tell you that dont let this weekend fool you with the temps there is a very cold system will be setting shop in the gulf and the Second half of December will be below avg for temp so stay tune I think this kind of shows the

  17. offroadjosh-aloha says:

    34.4. wow the blog has really gotten quiet…..

  18. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    Headed to bed here soon, 32.7 right now, calm wind, and just some high clouds.[

  19. Derek-West Gresham says:

    Eugene observations had fog/snow earlier briefly. lol Gusting to 35mph here.

  20. kyle says:

    If you think its windy in PDX, out here in Stevenson/Cascade Locks its got to be around 35-40 sustained

  21. salemphil says:

    Derek, What in the world are you talking about? “eugene”

  22. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    TTD-DLS gradient back up to -8.4mb

  23. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    Lol and why did it post them at different times.
    Well the wind is picking up here for sure. Just heard the wind roaring with ease from any room in the house.

  24. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    Ok I do not know why it did that. I was having typepad issues and it wouldn’t post. The screen would freeze, then it would say [cannot connect server down]. Somehow it did end up posting?.

  25. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    IMO I predict Corbett will exceed 60mph within the next hour.

  26. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    IMO I predict Corbett will exceed 60mph within the next hour.

  27. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    IMO I predict Corbett will exceed 60mph within the next hour or so.

  28. Rob *Southeast Portland* says:

    Yeah it has. TTD-DLS gradient bounced back over -8mb.
    Corbett is almost 40mph sustained. Gust 58mph

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