4:00pm Update

Just a brief bit of time to blog so I can get things done quickly in the next hour.  Always better to have forecast pages all finished just in case something hits the fan between 5-9pm.

Cold showers moving through this afternoon.  That heavy band produced snow to near sea level around 2:30pm as it crossed the metro area.  More showers moving over the Coast Range now.  Notice how cold the airmass is…we didn’t even have an hourly report to 40 degrees in the metro area. So I think we’ll drop close to or under freezing in all of the metro area by 8pm at the latest.  Of course any light showers then will accumulate.

Of greater interest is the continued insistence of mesoscale models (MM5 & our RPM) dropping some sort of surface boundary/dying arctic front/surface trough feature down the coastline overnight tonight.  That will mark the end of the snow showers, but there may be a brief burst of widespread light snow with it.  Both models have it through the metro area around midnight, then all dry by daybreak Tuesday.  I assume this is related to an obvious surface low off the NW Washington Coast this afternoon.  Clouds are streaming onshore looking quite a bit more solid ahead of it…just about reaching down to Astoria at 4pm.  Looks to me that there could be a good 1-3" at the beaches on the North Oregon Coast tonight!  Even a better chance there than here!

Cold and dry then tomorrow/Wednesday.  Dry east wind arrives tomorrow night.  System Thursday looks like a quick warmup (all the way to 38-40), but I bet we get a nice burst of snow/freezing rain Thursday morning…Mark

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  1. luvrydog in hillsboro says:

    Hey guys, I don’t like to be the negative one here…but i don’t think we call it an arctic front anymore. I would probably have to call it just a cold front, weak at that. I remember back in the day what arctic fronts look like…a solid band of clouds (some moisture) moving down form the North with a very very defined wind change, temp change, and a very quick burst of snow. I can’t consider this an arctic front…that sounds way to dramatic for this event. However, I do agree we are gonna see some howling winds coming out of the gorge with COLD air tomorrow…typical after an arctic front of course. I would call this event basically a bust…let me clarify…at the valley floor in Portland. Looks like most snow stayed above 500 feet in the local portland area, along with most of the moisture…either north, south, west or east, lol. I feel robbed by the even when it could have been so much more productive for the immediate portland area…those that live in the hills around portland and the outskirts…all I have to say is LUCKIES!!! Now, let’s see if we can do a little better tomorrow night!!!

  2. kirk says:

    new post from Mark!

  3. Derek-West Gresham says:

    Jacob I am with you – No quick warm up. Anybody actually checked where this system is coming from? The gulf of alaska!

  4. jacob BPA says:

    Good after noon
    my wife hates my job by the way Im working all the time but loves the pay check women cant ever make them happy
    just joking honey if you this
    Ok on to the weather this next round is what I dread freezing rain
    will be going over models and temps with our guys at 4pm
    but his is what we are watching right
    this isnt a big warm up storm in fact well we will touch on that later!!! but we are looking at how much moisture is with this and if east winds will kick in or will the south win??? Snow at night then Freezing rain
    towards morning or even late afternoon
    Cold air is plentful eastside and north of us so!!!!?????????
    chat with you later

  5. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    Josh, some models are showing another round of cold air moving in. Who knows how cold though.
    Temp 35.0, DP 29. Ever since I asked how high the pressure will go, it has stalled out at 30.18″…that’s fine as long as the pressure at The Dalles keeps getting higher.
    No offense, but I never use to watch the temp every 0.1 degree, but thanks to this blog I do!

  6. josh from Everett, WA says:

    My extended on Wunderground actually shows colder temps on Friday than Thursday. Perhaps another push from the north behind this front?

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