Cold Snap

Today’s models are increasingly insistent that a sharp (but brief) change towards colder weather is likely starting Sunday.  Temperatures at 5,000 feet (850 mb) are expected to drop to around -5 C (lower 20s in F) by Monday morning.  The NAM model is the coldest, with the GFS and ECMWF not quite as chilly.

As the cold front passes through Sunday morning, a brief round of light rain is possible.  The front is quite moisture-starved, so there may be locations that don’t record any measureable rain.  Later Sunday, colder air begins surging into the area from the north and northwest — you’ll notice the colder breeze (10-20 mph with higher gusts) in the afternoon and evening.  Sunday night could be the coldest night since last winter.  I expect PDX to drop into the mid 30s, with some upper 20s possible in the typical cold spots (Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Battle Ground, Scappoose).

The East Wind picks up Monday… and for the first time this fall, it should be a cold wind (past east wind events this month have been warm).  If the wind calms down Monday night, it could be very chilly… so we’ll have to see what the wind does as time gets closer before we’ll know how cold it might be.

East of the Cascades will be even colder — highs in the 40s and lows in the teens are likely Monday and Tuesday.

It looks like a significant pattern change will occur mid-late next week.  From cold and dry… to mild and wet.  Several days of rain are possible beginning Thursday… and strong south winds could buffet the coast as deep lows wind up offshore.

The "boring" weather season may indeed be behind us…

– Drew J

424 Responses to Cold Snap

  1. lol. Tina, please play nice, your condesending tone speaks volumes about your character “buddy.” Do NOT crack on others on this blog, it is ground for a IP block as per Mark’s blog rules.
    Anyway, it is way cold outside right now, I think my low may only reach 32-33 tonight, about 37F right now, cooling is slow to happen.
    Also, judging by the radar, I think GFS may be undershooting our rain amounts for later on, something we should look into. Also, GFS has been consistent with the cool trough next week, another interesting scenario. I will be up for a while, keeping an eye on the emptyness of tonights weather.

  2. B Rein says:

    yes, that is going to far. now that is moron. for now on i guess ill just keep my mouth shut and only read like im used to doing

  3. timmy says:

    i figured it wasnt you justin. there some morons on here. if someone says somethign that isnt like them. jsut dont believe it. later bro

  4. Justin says:

    Okay, that wasn’t me, so I’m signing off right now just to let everyone know. This blog is starting to go to hell.
    Peace, might not be coming on again for a few days.

  5. Justin says:

    Temp just dropped to 32 and THERE IS LIGHT SNOW! OH MY GOD IT’S SNOWING OUTSIDE. GO LOOK!!!!!

  6. timmy says:

    that comment was directed at JESSE. and ignore the spelling police, its not worth your time

  7. Spelling Police says:

    There’s nothing worse then reading things that aren’t spelled right. Especially when everyone wants to be taken seriously.

  8. timmy says:

    honestly, and no offense, but no one wnats your temps

  9. B Rein says:

    why would you proof read? were not getting graded. well critiqued now so i guess we have to.

  10. timmy says:

    okay my temp jumped from 32-36 in like 15 mins… thats gay

  11. Justin says:

    Uh, wow. No comment. Come back to this blog after a couple hours and boom…..
    Anyways, its 31 out here for those keeping track.

  12. Jesse says:

    I can report your temps for you

  13. timmy says:

    we are bro. i’ll remember the name.

  14. Spelling Police says:

    Doesn’t anyone proof read before sending their posts? Spelling is one of the tests on the SAT for all you high school kids.

  15. B Rein says:

    ahhh timmy. you and me are soo alike

  16. Jesse says:

    I’m with you Derek. I’m off till tomorrow, if any blog comes up with my name its an impersonation. I don’t know why you guys had to get so nasty on such a nice cold night, I was looking forward to reporting my temps, oh well, later…

  17. Tina Lopez says:

    How do you not spell happening right?

  18. timmy says:

    im not saying 40’s arent possible in oct. but rare. and not happenign this time

  19. timmy says:

    who the hell are you calling new? i was here when it was only like 5 people on this blog. just cause i didnt post this summer to talk about all the sun doest mean im new.

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