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Hi again…

A late post tonight, but this one should get us through the weekend.

Saturday looks to be a repeat of Friday, as the strong ridge continues its hold over the Northwest.  With the sunshine (after AM fog), we should easily reach the mid 60s again Saturday afternoon.

Everything changes Sunday.  A cold, but weak system drops out of the Northwest… allowing the coldest air of the season-to-date to plunge into the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains States.  Some of that chilly air will make it west of the Cascades… courtesy of the east wind that I expect will pick up Sunday night or Monday morning.  With the front’s passage Sunday, there is an opportunity for a little light rain… with the best chance of that happening in the morning.

How cold will the arriving cold air be?  I’m thinking low-mid 50s for highs Monday and Tuesday… and lows could be anywhere from 25 to 37 — depending on the wind.  Windy areas (such as Troutdale, PDX, and along the Cascade foothills) may not have a freeze… but valley locations where the wind dies down could have their first widespread hard freeze of the season early next week.

After Wednesday, the models are hinting that a pattern change towards mild and wet weather may be coming.  There is still no sign of any cold, wet storms that are necessary to start building the Cascade snowpack.  Bummer…

Enjoy the weekend… especially Saturday’s sunshine!

– Drew J

PS – Mark returns Monday… the day we move into our brand new weather center!!!  (But you won’t see it on TV for at least another week…)

150 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. josh "the snowman" says:

    Still another 10-12 hours before the front comes through. Then we’ll feel the change. For now 40’s and 50’s is all we’ll get.

  2. i want snow says:

    lol alex. getting a little to excited? yeah the temp here is falling fast also. its now 51.2. but its not the front i dont think its just the sunset. how far is the front? its pretty far right? or am i wrong?

  3. alex says:

    50.3 now!! i can see by the temp falling were starting to enter the cold front!! well maybe not for another 3+ hour or so but who cares temp dropping about 2 degrees every 9-10 mins not really

  4. alex says:

    52.0 here wow i was wrong only hit 59.7 here!! no 60+ high,it might have hit 59.7-60,dew point siting at 41.0 right now

  5. Justin says:

    Jesse, make a guess
    And Jacob, look at Josh’s 3:03 post. There was no moisture on November 1 and thus no snow anywhere in the metro area. I’m sure now that you’re thinking of November 19. BTW, good work with that josh.

  6. alex says:

    you now that headlie surprize snow? on your newspaper mark put the same headline on jan.IS THIS WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT MAT?
    Surprise Snow!
    Sticking snow fell around 2-3pm down to at least 1,100′ in the metro area this afternoon. A classic example of “evaporative cooling”. A dry and cool airmass from the last storm leftover, then moisture from today’s system begins falling into that dry air. The rain drops evaporate, which takes heat out of the air. So the temperature falls. Notice at PDX the temp fell from 47 to 40 from noon to 2pm. Then as the atmosphere gets saturated we “bottom out”. So as of 4:30pm temps are beginning to rise again. Snow threat is over and now it’s on to the heavy rain and strong south wind this evening. Gusts to 40 mph are likely with or just ahead of the cold front passing through around midnight.
    Another weak system Thursday, then a rainy one later Friday-Saturday. What I’m really excited about is a big ridge forecast now by all models beginning Sunday-Monday and continuing through next week. I can’t wait for the dry and sunny weather!
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  7. jacob BPA says:

    Matt is right nov 1 I remeber that
    it drop 15 Degrees in the early morning and we ended up with 2 inches in Battleground

  8. Jesse says:

    The way every station is going so conservative on this cold spell, people are going to be unprepared when they go out on Halloween night. It’s really a disservice to the public.
    Anyway, Justin. What happened in the winter of 1925-26?

  9. Sarah N. says:

    Bruce Sussman over at KGW is calling for high temps around 53 and lows in the upper 30s Monday and Tuesday…and slight warming towards 60 as the week goes on.

  10. Justin says:

    josh, to answer your question, I was just reading through my weather book about something and saw a blurb about the extreme June 1925 heatwave, that brought Portland to 100-101. Sort of like this year.
    Then I remembered that 1925 was an El Nino year, a Moderate El Nino like this year! Guess what happened in 1925-26? Can anybody make a wild guess?
    Anyways, about November 19, 2003. I remember that tropical airmass oberhead the night before, I was out in my shorts jogging, then it just started pouring that night and the rain kept me up for half the night. I was driving into WSU about 7:00-7:30 that morning and I noticed some flakes mixing in on ther windsheild. It took a minute to register then I saw the car thermometer read 37 degrees. About an hour later I talked to someome and they said how heavy the SNOW was at their house, and of course I didn’t believe them until I looked outside and saw some of the heaviest, wettest snow I’ve seen to this day. By lunch I got the nerve to just ditch and drive back to my house, took a few pics and measured the depth to about 3.3” exactly. It was gone my 8pm. Classic NW snush.
    More importantly was just the foilage that day, everything was bright orange and when the snow started sticking it made for a truly amazing color contrast. Same exact thing happened on November 18 and 19, 1996, the similarities between the two were amazing.

  11. Derek Hodges says:

    Its soooo bad it makes me sick. Today is a +12, can a -5 with all those conditions really get that warm, no! The freezing level when its -5 will be like 2500ft. Snow level on Monday probably 1500ft but no moisture on Monday.

  12. Derek Hodges says:

    At this point its just fooling for anybody to be holding back, its 100% going to happen that we will have cold weather with biting east wind. If it is joe english I understand then, but I wish they didn’t do stuff like that. Its dumb to have more or less “fake meteorologists”.

  13. Jesse says:

    I know Derek, couldn’t have said it better myself. I think that 10-day trend is probably the doing of Joe English. He’s another “meteorologist” who just copies off the NWS Forecast. I’ve actually met him a couple times. He is a frequent shopper at the store I work at. One time, I think it must have been June of 2005, I saw him at my store for the first time and actually approached him saying, “Hey, you’re the weatherman from KATU, right?”
    He said yeah. It was a day with heavy thunderstorms if I recall, but most stations, including his, had predicted something like, Mostly Sunny, highs around 75. I kinda asked him what gives? He said, “Oh, I’m not really a meteorolgist. Just a personality. I just tell the weather the way they want me to.” Nice honest guy, but I lost respect for his forecast ever since then.

  14. Derek Hodges says:

    That is basically implying a massively colder air mass, shortening days, cold east wind pouring through the gorge, etc, will only keep us a degree or two cooler than today..HAHA

  15. Derek Hodges says:

    Get a load of this lol yeah..right….

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