Windy Saturday

October 20, 2006

As you folks have discussed in great detail in the last post, it was a fun meeting today at OMSI.  Nice to meet a few of you too.  Those of you that did make it discovered one of the secrets of TV…everyone looks the same size don’t they?  Short people look taller than they are and tall folks look shorter.  People always tell me "I thought you were shorter!".

Okay, on to weather.  I see at 9pm the PDX-DLS pressure gradient (through the Gorge), just turned negative.  Easterly flow is beginning now and will increase to 6-8 millibars by midday tomorrow.  Peak gusts to 50 mph are likely at the west end of the Gorge.  Of course we do have a moist atmosphere in place over the metro area.  So with the east wind not arriving for most areas until after daybreak, we’re set up a for a thin layer of dense fog overnight.

The wind dies quickly on Sunday as we switch to onshore flow again.  A weak wave moving by starts that up pretty quickly.  A much stronger shortwave carves out a brief, but cold trough for midweek.  This should be our coldest airmass so far this fall season…500-1000mb thicknesses fall to around 532 dm Wednesday morning, which brings snow showers down to around 3000′ or a little lower. 

Models after that point are ALL over the place, so who knows what happens later next week.  We’ll save that for the weekend crew…Mark