A Brief Post

October 17, 2006

I’ve been a but busy with our brand new weather center this evening, so you get a short post.  You’ll see the new digs in a couple weeks.

Simple forecast for tonight…FOG.  High dewpoints (above 40 deg), plus moist ground and clearing skies spells fog on an October night.  As it SLOWLY breaks up tomorrow, expect high clouds to thicken ahead of the next weather system.  Overall not a lot of sun.  Rainy Thursday as the system drags by to the north, then strong upper-level ridging mentioned in last night’s post appears to take over starting Friday.  Could be a nice east wind episode Saturday & Sunday, which makes for a very nice weekend forecast.  ECMWF is quite a bit weaker with the ridge and allows a system through early next week.  I’m discounting that…for now…Mark