Sunday Afternoon Extra

October 15, 2006

Another day of slogging through weather maps…amazing that I get paid to do this…

Nice cold front today, a bit refreshing, but I’m already tired of the gloom and ready for more sun.  Cool air behind front shows up nicely on visible satellite loops this afternoon, it moves in overnight and could provide us with enough instability for an afternoon thunderstorm tomorrow.
Still messy long range maps, although they’ve come together just a bit.  General idea is for ridging overhead through the next 7 days, BUT, 2 systems move by to the north and just clip us as they go by.  One on Thursday and another next Sunday.  I’ve left rain out of the forecast for now, even though GFS is very insistent on bringing some light rain inland Wednesday night and Thursday.  These systems going by to the north also keep high pressure from developing strongly at the surface to our north too, so forget about any significant east wind.  And with moisture leftover from the rain, we could have some fog/stratus issues Tuesday/Wednesday mornings/midday…Mark