A Job Shadow’s Perspective

Hey everybody! Mark’s letting me post tonight so I thought I would talk about the weather center real quick. Its really complicated in here, there are a bunch of computers.(…of course) They are all routed to do a bunch of different things and its really cool. He even had me press a button for him when he was in another room, my first big task. Don’t laugh at that. As for the weather its a pretty nice system coming in Sunday-Monday. Could be upwards of .75 in the city, of couse that would mean areas in the Coast Range and against the Cascades would see even more. After that sadly,(though Mark says otherwise about the "sad" part) its back to more ridging. Lets hope the models switch to more cool weather soon, wouldn’t surprise me!

Derek Hodges

Mark’s Update:  Derek behaved very well tonight.  Lots of geeking out and no yelling during the weathercast!  By the way, this is how our internships/job shadows work:  Job shadows are a one-day event for a high school student.  An internship is several months long and limited to college students who are majoring in meteorology or atmospheric sciences.  If you’re interested and fill one of those descriptions, send me an email.
Weather maps are sure looking "el nino-ish"  to me, although I’ve never noted a connection between October weather and the following winter.  Either way after Sunday-Monday’s rain, it’s back to ridging and warmer temps again.  Poor Derek and the rest of you are just going to go crazy aren’t you?  Enjoy the big "storm" Sunday!…Mark

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  1. Justin says:

    Yeah, 1992-93 was our last old school cold and snowy winter here in the NW. All time record snowfall for Salt Lake City and Spokane, and I can’t remember a winter I my lifetime where it snowed so often. We had about 10 seperate snow events that winter, some little, some huge (I can recount them all sadly).
    If I’m not mistaken 92-93 was a pretty good winter for Indiana too, so a repeat would make everyone happy.

  2. -100F says:

    Mark just posted an update.

  3. Sean (Indiana) says:

    Average date of first snowfall for at “Indianapolis Int’l Airport” is: November 15th. In looking at snowfall maps for Central Indiana (which is broken up into 6 areas), amounts can vary widely. From 1-3 (in the NW corner) to 12-15 (in the SE corner). Has alot to do with moisture return, and how winds and frontal passage.
    Hey, if I loose out on the winter then, its only 6 months to severe weather season.. LOL

  4. Sean (Indiana) says:

    I was stationed at Schofield Barracks, HI during the Winter of 92-93, I remember talking to my parents and them saying hold cold it was that winter. I arrived in Hawaii in November and I remember for a night or two in Honolulu had lows in the mid to upper 50s (which was frigid for them).
    The only thing you can use the models for, beyond that 84hr timeline is to see if any pattern develops. Like with this storm system in the midwest it started showing up on the GFS about 7-8 days before hand. But many things changed, but there was an obvious pattern (that it would be much colder) that it had been.

  5. Justin says:

    Might be some severe weather/flooding though down in the South/MS Valley. But I agree, this pattern is getting stale.

  6. Justin says:

    Yeah I agree there Sean, this year has been a wild one to get an idea of. So many competing signals, makes me think just about anything is possible this winter.
    And you got yourself a deal there Sean. Just remember, if its a repeat of 2003 then we’ll beat you easily (November 19). If its a repeat of just about any other year in the past several, then well….

  7. Sean (Indiana) says:

    Say hello to your good friend “Mr. Rex Blocking Pattern”.. Doesn’t look like any real exciting weather over the next few days even here in the Midwest..

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