An Early Post

October 12, 2006

I’ve got forecasting all done with now, so I figure why not just blog away early.  As of 4pm temp is up to 75, so I’m guessing the high will be about 77.   (Update at 9pm:  High was 78 at PDX just after 5pm)

Weak onshore flow tomorrow should drop us just a few degrees, then a better push for Saturday should easily drop us closer to normal (mid-60’s).

A very juicy coldfront for Sunday and a following wave for Monday along a "quasi-arctic front" (like that?) should give us a good soaking…maybe .50-.75".  That front, along with the change to north and northeast wind, moves through on Tuesday.  After that it’s all dry with a much cooler Canadian airmass over us the rest of the week.  This early in the season we’ll see a similar effect as we would in early March;  brief cooling and then a warmup as we mix some downslope wind with cool air through the Gorge.  We really have to wait until after Halloween to see a good cold east wind.  This pattern sure is interesting though…just 4 weeks from now I’d be excited about possible snow and sunny days in the mid 40’s at best.  One thing is pretty certain…after a shot of rain, we’re heading back into dry weather, but a bit cooler…Mark