Heading Into October

September 29, 2006

Winterwxmeet2006 Here we go this weekend with a big cooldown.  I’m pretty confident it’ll feel like October by the time we get to Monday morning.

High pressure beginning to weaken now after sitting over us for a week.  A weak cold front will drag through the region during the day Sunday.  No model has rain with this system and the onshore flow doesn’t look too strong either, so sunbreaks are likely Sunday afternoon.  Some disagreement on the forecast Tuesday-Thursday.  I’m assuming the approaching trough of low pressure will move well south and avoid us, giving no chance for rain.  If I’m wrong showers will show up Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.  The 80’s are definitely gone for now too.

As for the chart above? I’m still working on graphics for the winter weather meeting.  This one shows the peak wind gust each winter at PDX.  Interesting that southerly wind has been quite weak the last few winters.  I still think we are way overdue for a good 60+ mph southerly blow this winter, although I’ve been saying that for about 3 years and it still hasn’t happenedMark