More Sun

September 28, 2006

Still an incredibly stable pattern for tomorrow, then changes coming for the weekend. 
     The BIG picture shows a longwave ridge sitting overhead that weakens into Saturday, allowing 1 cold front to slip through Sunday morning.  Then a new ridge develops next week just to our north & west, while the next shortwave trough slips south and forms a cutoff low over California.  Sound familiar?  Whether it has anything to do with our developing El Nino, it IS a similar evolution of events that we would expect in an El Nino Winter.  It’s a perfect pattern for dry weather over us when a low goes that far south.  Northerly or northeast surface flow is the result as we head towards the cool season in this setup.  This time of year it should bring the sunshine right back overhead again starting Monday.
I’m working on some more graphics tonight, so I’ll put them online as I did with the snow graphics last night so you folks can argue over them…I assume you have all figured out that they are just thumbnails too, just click for the full-size image…MarkWinter_lows