An Early Post

September 25, 2006

I figure now is a good time to post (3:30pm) because…there is no weather to talk about beyond sunny skies and warm temps.

It’s a rare set of weather maps when you can’t find much change in the 48 hour period.  Basically a broad thermal trough extends from near the Coast to the Cascades through Wednesday.  The only change is a slight increase in the offshore flow tomorrow and more on Wednesday.  This should keep us in the mid 80’s with a peak temperature-wise on Wednesday this week.  I’m not sure why the NWS keeps lowering forecast highs for midweek.  They have 81 for Wednesday, which goes the opposite direction of my forecast.  We’ll see…  Then a slow cooling trend for Thursday-Friday.  I doubt we’ll see 80 degree temps return to the Coast by the way since the thermal trough never moves back that far west. 

As for the weekend, it appears that the ridge weakens and backs offshore slightly once again.  ECMWF doesn’t seem to give us rain, but GFS (12z & 18z) does.  I’m keeping the forecast partly cloudy with back to normal temps on Sunday-Monday.  Of course if later runs of GFS continue to show showers I’ll throw them into the forecast.

Okay, now for the rules on this Blog…it’s gone very well for the last 10 months since we started posting.  It’s rare that a TV station can have open discussion with no problems on a website.  That’s a credit to you who participate and keep discussion civil.  In fact I can only think of maybe 3-4 times in those 10 months where I had to ban a poster.  This weekend was one of those times.  So what get’s you banned? 

1.  Copying other posters or impersonating other posters (using their name).  It wastes my time tracking down who is doing it, so I have no tolerance for it.

2.  Threats of violence, mention of drug use etc…

3.  Rude/obnoxious language, even if it isn’t profane.

4.  Talking/posting bad words about someone here at KPTV (send me a nasty note instead of posting one for everyone to see!)

How do we ban you?  It’s very easy for me to check the IP address (the place the message was sent from).  Even if the name/email is the same, the IP will be different.  We just block any message sent from that address.  This takes care of the problem everytime.  Send me a message at if you have a problem with this or you think someone was wrongly banned…Mark