Back to Summer?

Showers ending this evening, I just set a timelapse for one of the last few stragglers coming down the hills from Scappoose towards Northwest Portland at 4pm.  Hopefully that will make for magical TV moments at 10pm (more than the usual magical moments at least).  Then we wait for a vigorous little system to come through tomorrow night.  Nice northwest flow behind this one so it should be a sharp wind shift type front; from southerly to northwest.

After that I HAD been expecting a weather system brushby later Saturday or Sunday with flat westerly flow over us.  But as you folks have discussed in the previous thread, the GFS and ECMWF are now in agreement on upper-level ridging sitting just offshore from Friday through early next week at least.  The trend is solid, even if 36 hours ago the GFS was not showing it, so I’ll go with it and do some major surgery to the 7 Day forecast in the next hour.  Nice offshore flow Sunday-Monday too, probably enough to push us up past 80 again.

By the way, I see NCEP will release the monthly long range forecasts on Thursday.  That should be interesting to see how their latest El Nino forecast changes the winter outlook…Mark

3 Responses to Back to Summer?

  1. Ryan says:

    Still getting a late month warm up would stick our analogs with one of our whiter winters in recent years. So it may not be a horrible thing.

  2. Andrew says:

    The wind is starting up here again, currently gusting at 33mph.

  3. -100F says:

    80+ degrees agian? Yuck 😦
    Just when I was getting ready for winter…

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