Cooling Trend

September 5, 2006

I’m all traumatized by my son’s first day of Kindergarten today (he’s such a big guy now!).  So I figure I should post early,  in case I collapse into an "emotional jellyfish" state later from all the stress, then I wouldn’t be able to blog about weather.

Those weather maps look a bit slow the next 3 days.  MM5/ETA and to a lesser degree the GFS show increasing onshore flow Wednesday-Friday.  I don’t expect clouds to linger past late morning though until Friday.

The big change I just noticed on the 18z GFS is that it’s decided to follow the other models with a sharper trough/upper low moving through here Friday-Saturday.  So I’ve put some rain into the forecast and lowered temps quite a bit.  This won’t be the first "big soaker" of the Fall, maybe .10" at PDX, but we’ve got to start small right?  A trough like this will also help the extreme fire conditions and out of control wildfires burning all across the Northwest.  After reading at this link today, it appears there are too many fires going for the amount of resources available.

It’s back to ridging early next week as the trough kicks out.

By the way, did all you weather geeks sleep through the lightning early Monday morning?  I didn’t see reference in the previous post’s comments.  I got home from work around 12:30 am, had just settled down to bed at 1am, then saw flashing and just barely heard rumbles of thunder off to the east and southeast.  It went on from 1am-2am, then I fell asleep.  Looks like the closest strikes were near Brightwood and then up north to Mt. Adams.  Lots of flashing in the sky during that time…Mark