Saturday Night Special

September 2, 2006

Drew is off tonight, so I’m on fill-in duty.  So a brief blog tonight for my weather friends.

Very impressive afternoon temperature-wise.  95 at PDX was the final number (and a perfect high temp forecast) for today.  That’s day #21 above 90 this year at PDX.  We should do it once again tomorrow since there’s no sign of an impending marine push.  The east wind lasted a bit longer than I expected.  In fact I think I say that everytime we finish an east wind event.  But gradient is finally down to less than 1 mb PDX-DLS.  I expect flat gradient more or less through daybreak, then 2-3mb westerly tomorrow afternoon for you windsurfers.  Looks like one more day at or slightly above 90, the a cooldown well into the 80’s for Monday.  I am a little concerned that SW wind has made it to Eugene this evening, but I’ve been fooled in the past by a somewhat strong but very shallow marine push.  Sometimes these mix out easily the next day for 5 degrees or less of cooling.

Differing long range forecast from GFS & ECMWF for the rest of next week.  ECMWF has a trough coming through next Friday, GFS does not.  But warm/dry at least through Thursday with very little marine cloudiness (if any) making it inland…Mark