Windy, Smoky, & Hot

September 1, 2006

Snapshot_7Very impressive offshore flow today, which was well forecast by models.  Looks like 6.7mb was the peak easterly gradient from PDX-DLS this morning.  Our RPM handled that well.  Here are the peak wind gusts across the central/north/east sides of the metro area.  Larch Mountain in Washington had the strongest wind with a 52 mph gust.
At 8pm the gradient has decreased to 4 mb.  It should hang close to there through tomorrow morning, which will allow the wind to go calm most spots except right near the Gorge.  Of course the spots that stay windy will be VERY warm tonight, probably staying above 70 degrees.  But PDX should drop well into the 60s.
PDX did just barely hit 90 today, which is day #20 above 90 this summer.  Interesting to note that August was pretty much near normal, despite a record-tying 8 days above 90.  The cool midweek days brought the average down apparently.  I notice our model (and others) show no onshore push through Sunday afternoon.  There is never more than 2-3 mb. Astoria to Pasco through Sunday afternoon.  So 90-95 is the rule the next 2 days in the metro area, just without the wind.

Enjoy the last hot weekend of summer, it’s unlikely we’ll see another 90-95 degree weekend again this year.