Cold Nights & Warm Days

Classic early September weather coming up just as we enter…September.  Funny how that works.

Trough has moved on east this evening and showers are finished.  Clearing skies tonight + cold & dry airmass means widespread 40’s.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Battle Ground or Forest Grove down slightly below 40 degrees tonight.
Offshore flow begins tomorrow under a building upper level ridge with light easterly wind through the Gorge, but northerly wind will continue in the Valley.  This should keep temperatures from getting above 80.
Friday a different story with our first strong easterly flow of the early Fall season.  MM5-UW shows 4-6 millibars easterly pressure gradient through the Gorge.  In the warm season this should send gusty east wind out across the metro area during the day Friday.  Peak gusts probably 25-30 mph.  40-45 mph more likely at the west end of the Gorge.  I used to hate that when I lived in a windy spot near Corbett because it would knock down my corn before it was ready in September….But I digress.  Thermal trough with much lighter easterly wind will sit over us all day Saturday, so that should be the warmest day.
A change in the maps means not so hot the rest of the weekend, but more warm/hot weather later next week.  The ridge is going to get knocked down and pushed east a bit Sunday-Tuesday, then it rebounds right over us Wednesday-late next week.  It all adds up to a bunch more summer…Mark

26 Responses to Cold Nights & Warm Days

  1. Derek Hodges says:

    My winds are now a constant NE so I guess thats a “sign” winter is getting closer haha. Only 61 days till November!!

  2. -100F says:

    Forget that, Winter is coming soon! lol

  3. -100F says:

    Forget that, Winter is coming soon! lol

  4. Derek Hodges says:

    Here is the bend forecast,
    It shows a small threat on Sunday, so I guess we should watch this. 🙂

  5. Derek Hodges says:
    You can see the 700mb flow is from the SE on Sunday so if any storms do form, they would be steered this way. I noticed in the NWS discussion they talked about that earlier as well.

  6. Derek Hodges says:
    Check out about 300hrs on this. Its too long away but it gives us the most moisture on a run since last spring.

  7. salemphil says:

    Rod Hill just mentioned something about some moisture coming up from the SW on sunday maybe sparking some isolated thunderstorms. What do you all think?

  8. Derek Hodges says:

    Actually what I am noticing is I already have an east wind blowing…but its not noticable except for when the gusty NNW wind dies down for a moment. As soon as it does my wind gauge starts displaying something from E to NE and then it switches NW after a few updates when it starts blowing again. hmm..

  9. Derek Hodges says:

    Often times I have a lot of trouble or it won’t let me load it at all. It just goes in cycles. Well the wind is getting fairly gusty, I am waiting for it to switch easterly. Its still switching between NW and NNE.

  10. Andrew says:

    *off topic*
    Is anyone having trouble getting into the Jim Little site?

  11. Andrew says:

    *off topic*
    Is anyone having trouble getting into the Jim Little site?

  12. Ryan says:

    Tyler, my neighborhood doesn’t have any real above ground water presence (we do have an underground stream in the area). The fog was more intense to the east Andresen towards the marshy/swampy wetland areas. I’m sure Hazel Dell around Cougar & Salmon Creek got pretty socked in last night. Immediately to the west of my neighborhood (think west of BOC gasses) it seemed fairly clear.

  13. Jesse says:

    Down to 43.2 at my house in Orchards last night, coldest since late spring.

  14. Tyler says:

    Ryan, there is a marsh near my house, there has been fog there the last several mornings. I wasn’t up early enough to see if we had fog actually at my house.

  15. Derek Hodges says:

    My low turned out to be 47.5, only .4degrees off. I will tweak that a little bit. It may have been foggy here early but I didn’t wake up early enough to see it. The cool weather was nice though.

  16. Ryan says:

    How fantastic was it this morning? I woke up to fairly dense fog an a low of 46 degrees here by Vancouver Mall. It felt like October even if it was for a few fleeting hours. I can’t wait to get to October! First time since summer got going and got in my car with a fleece on the keep my backside from freezing (leather seats).

  17. Tyler says:

    The temp dropped to 44.2 at my house, the coldest since late last May, and was good enough for a record low.

  18. Derek Hodges says:

    Well my program predicts 47.9 at my house tonight. Its still in the experimental stages though.

  19. Derek Hodges says:

    Actually all you have to do is highlight part of the next line and it will only copy the link but nothing Well I can’t wait to see how cold we get tonight, I like the cold.

  20. Derek Hodges says:

    Actually all you have to do is highlight part of the next line and it will only copy the link but nothing Well I can’t wait to see how cold we get tonight, I like the cold.

  21. Benjamin Monjay says:

    The link is too long to post. Go to this page and click on Wake Island

  22. Try the link 1 more time

  23. Benjamin Monjay says:

    Tiny Wake Island is getting Pummeled by Super Typhoon Ioke tonight. Here’s the link to the current conditions….while they last!,%20U.%20S.%20TRUST%20TERRITORY&type=Meteorological+Observations

  24. Derek Hodges says:

    Well I finished writing my calculator program, its on my TI-84 plus lol. I will see if I have to make any adjustments this winter but it seems very accurate so far. One night that I tested it predicted what actually happened, it was only .2 degrees off. 🙂

  25. Andrew says:

    I am starting to think this next heat wave won’t be as hot as originally thought. I am going to go with upper 80’s to low 90’s. Areas out by hillsboro maybe mid 90’s.

  26. Derek Hodges says:

    I’m hoping I dip to about 45 or so tonight. It will be refreshing before we head into our next heat wave.

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