The Answers III

One more set of questions for tonight, but first some weather.

I often feel as if I live in a rain forest.  Not so much the last 2 months but that feeling returned today.  I awoke to steady light rain this morning (not just drizzle, but actual rain) and ended up with .07" at my home at 1000′ above Rooster Rock park (no it’s not a mansion).  I see Camas had .03", but PDX & TTD only got a trace.  I’m sure it was caused by that disturbance that moved through Central Oregon this morning.  Probably just enough lifting of the marine airmass to give us showers up against the Cascades.  Same thing may occur tomorrow as another disturbance moves through the Northwest, keeping the thick marine airmass in place.

I’ve bumped up weekend temperatures a bit since ridging is pretty strong on both ECMWF & GFS.  850mb temps peak around +20 on Sunday.  Not a good east wind event, but light easterly flow especially Saturday.  We are crossing into the time of year where we need a decent east wind over Cascades/through Gorge to really max out our temperatures, since it gets tougher to break the nighttime inversions in September.

So…2 more questions:

Q.  How often do you interact with other forecasters on the other stations?…Charlie

A.  Depends on who it is.  Obviously the forecasters I’ve worked with I already know and I’m much more likely to pick up the phone to chat (Rod Hill, Jim Little, Pete Parsons).  Others I may see from time to time at Oregon Chapter AMS Events or maybe the national AMS Broadcasters Conference or even local media karaoke midnight events (those DO actually happen).  I haven’t met 3 or 4 of the local weather people.  Maybe we should just have one big wild weather party?

Q.  When you cover the big snowstorms, are there beds/showers at the station, or do you go home?…Charlie

A.  There is a couch and shower in one room and KPTV does have the newest station in town so it’s not too gross actually.  And during the big ice storm event in January 2004 I did that for one "night", which consists of about midnight-3am sleeping.  But the station always just pays for a room at a local hotel here in the same business park, even if it’s just for a few hours.  You just have to make sure you bring enough suits, ties, & undies.  Of course I prefer to go home unless it’s a short overnight turnaround.  I’ve driven the 37 miles from Beaverton to the Gorge in an ice storm and it’s never taken me more than 1 hour, mainly because there are NO other vehicles on the road at midnight during a storm…Mark

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