The Big Picture

August 10, 2006

I was just noticing tonight (and mentioned on-air) that we’ve had no hot weather during the peak of the Northwest dry season.  We’ve only hit 90 once since the heat wave ended July 24th.  Considering the 7 Day Forecast, it seems likely that we’ll go about 3 weeks with little or no 90 degree weather.

The reason is that the big ridge that sometimes gives us hot weather has been well east of us.  We’ve seen several weak troughs move over or nearby the last couple of weeks too.  This adds up to a regular presence of a thick marine airmass west of the Cascades.  Not too many of us complain of course, especially after the excessive heat of mid-July.  But it is a bit strange after such a warm start to summer.  I suppose it lends support to the truth that weather usually averages out to "normal" in the end…Mark