A Big Cooldown

A brief note tonight since I got busy working with some new software/equipment and ran out of time.

Marine air still surging inland, but high geopotential heights (notice 500mb heights) are keeping the layer fairly thin.  Same thing for tomorrow and Thursday.  So temps will bounce back to the 85-90 degree mark the next 2 days.
All models show a pretty good trough setting up offshore and then swinging through Washington in the Friday-Tuesday time period.  This is a very "early July" weather pattern, unusual for late July, but not unprecedented.  Looking at the 00z GFS, sure seems like showers could show up at some point, but for now I left them out of the forecast.  But we’ll be down about 30 degrees from last weekend!…Mark

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  1. luvrydog says:

    Ya know justin, as much as I love the hot weather on the weekends and I have air conditioning…it just tires ya out when you’re THAT hot ya know…so yes, it is gonna be great. We’re gettin near the point (end of july) where I consider us over the crest of the hill and heading down the other side. I know it’s not official but once we get out of july and just have one maybe 2 months left of relatively summer like weather. But I always like going downhill towards winter, then i think things get interesting for everyone!

  2. Justin says:

    Nope luvrydog, 86 here and I’m assuming that this has been my high for the day. Hillsboro usually is the hottest spot in the Metro in the afternoon.
    And next weekend, Friday will be around 78, Saturday around 76, and Sunday 72-74. We’re actually going to be below average next week tempwise, isn’t that great news?

  3. Justin says:

    The costliest hailstorm record has since been broken
    Twice actually, May 5, 1995 was costlier as well.
    And the largest hailstone on record has been broken as well
    June 22, 2003 in Nebraska

  4. luvrydog says:

    Well, I thought today would be a relief…but I just walked out of work to check my temp and it’s flippin 92 degrees here in hillsboro and it was cloudy here til 10:30!!!!! I just want a day of 70’s. Seems like this heat wave is taking FOREVER to completely leave the area, at least out here in hillsboro, anyone else seeing temps like this?

  5. Andrew says:

    fell instead of fall 🙂

  6. Andrew says:

    So, since nothing is really being posted here today, i thought i would post some interesting weather facts.
    *In 1942, Cherrapunji, India eperienced 1,042 inches of rainfall. Of that total, 364 inches fell in one month. The wettest year in the united states was 1981-82, when Kukui, Maui, Hawaii received 739 inches of rain in one years time span.
    *1984, in Munich, Germany, a massive hailstorm caused at least $1 billion in damages. The costliest hailstorm in U.S. history was in the city of Denver on July 11 1990, the resulting property losses were at least $625 million. 47 people were also injured at an amusment park when they were hit by softball sized hail.
    *The largest hail stone ever recorded fall in Coffeyville, Kansas. It was 17.5 inches in diameter and weighed 1.67 pounds.
    *Denvers Earliest snow was September 3-4 with 4.2 inches.
    *August 8th, 1882, a ship sailing in Lake Michigan reported that 6 inches of snow had accumulated on it’s decks.

  7. Andrew says:

    tomorrow i think we should hit the upper 80s

  8. Matthew says:

    84 at pdx as of 3pm…

  9. Sean says:

    Actually just have had a few popup showers so far, just has only lead to increased humidity and brought the dewpoint up to 74 at my location at 6pm. Looking to be quite sticky and steamy through the beginning of next week (Really ready for winter now!). Looks like we are going to be getting our hottest weather of the summer at the beginning of next week (with temp in the mid 90s, but that’s not factoring in a dewpoint of 70-75). It’s really been booring weatherwise out here also, only have had a few distant storms (resulting in some flashes in the distant sky) but not much beyond that. Gotta love the dog days of summer!

  10. Matthew says:

    Northwest discussion
    Temperatures in the Portland area are running about where they where yesterday. With 71 degrees as of noon…Most clouds have mostly burned off. The coastline remains under a thick marine layer…Which is not expected to burn off. Eastern Oregon should be in the 90s today.
    Models put todays 850 millibar temp at near 18.5c…Which would support slightly warmer then yesterday. A northly wind through out Washington/Oregon at 850 millibars. Also the Report out of the coast of a northwestly wind…In also northwestly to northly through out the valley. The 1000 milibar map puts the 28c line right over Portland,Salem. With a northly to northwestly flow. So highs are likely to be slightly warmer today then they where yesterday. High for Portland will be near 86 degrees. While some area’s could hit 88 or 90 degrees. Thursday appears that the 00z(4pm)wind flow is out of the northwest near the surface. Also on the 850 millibar. It also brings tomarrow 850 temp to 18c. With around 27c at 1,000 mililbars. The Nam also shows 17c air over the Portland/Salem area. The Gfs shows the cooler pool off shore late Thursday. While the Nam starts moving the eastern side of it into northwestern Washington. Friday on the nam at 850 millibar shows a westly wind through the area…With temps near 15c or -4c from Wednesday/Thursday. The Gfs at 850 millibars has only 9c temps over the Portland air for 00z. With also a stronger westly flow. Surface temps looks to be only 21c. -7c from Wednesday. Which would support lower to mid 70s with gfs. We will go between the two models…In hold Friday near 80 degrees.
    It looks like a sure thing that Saturday will be mostly cloudy…With a strong upper level trough moving in. Which the gfs shows strong westly winds through out the valley. With only 9c at 850 millibars. The Gfs surface maps show that the ULL/low pressure area is just off the north Washington coast at 00z Saturday. But most of the air remains dry…This area drops southeastward Sunday with some rain over northern Washington by early morning. A short wave front by afternoon should bring some chance of light rain over Portland…But dry southward. 850 temps look to be only 5 to 6c. Which would support mid to upper 60s.

  11. Droppin says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the discussion, and predictions. I’m going to make one myself. August 8th we will be back in much warmer weather, maybe not the heatwave we just experienced, but it’s going to be very warm. I also predict August 11th we will begin to see t-storms in a very favorable upper flow around a circulation off of Northern California (Lol).

  12. Ben Monjay says:

    New software?! Please, do tell!!

  13. Derek Hodges says:

    Your lucky, I wish we had some big storms here. sigh..lol

  14. Sean says:

    I’m in a SLGT risk for severe weather today.. 🙂

  15. Derek Hodges says:

    Here is another Mark Mattis video lol. Hmm, I don’t know about LA, but I think we probably will have some good winters.

  16. Andrew says:

    lol, good try derek.
    How about this….what do you guys think the chances are of seeing a major winter record breaker like never seen before sometime in the next 10 years? I am talking about a storm that sends snow down to the foothills of LA, is it even possible?

  17. Derek Hodges says:

    I hope that counts Andrew lol

  18. Derek Hodges says:

    Hmm, anybody think we will get a SE flow soon for some thunderstorms?

  19. Andrew says:

    heh, you can tell the excitment has come and gone, posting WAY down on the blog now. Lets get an interesting discussion or something going, something in-depth.

  20. luvrydog says:

    WOW!!! Justin, that friggen video is hilarious. Thank you Mark for not talking about the Pamela Anderson Video on your forecasts! That guy would have been gone after that first rap! Talk about an idiot. He would be entertaining to watch, just see if he could be a bigger idiot than the night before! And the other video…just couldn’t help but feel sorry for that guy!

  21. Paul says:

    Bring on the cooler weather!!
    Below 80 would be AWESOME!!

  22. Derek Hodges says:

    Justin those were hilarious! lol That first guy was SO idiotic!

  23. Justin says:

    To Dmitri, from the previous blog.
    No, it wasn’t the warmest. At a 66.4 mean temperature, it would have been 5th warmest ever. 1992 was a full degree warmer.
    1992 was a full degree warmer.
    But it was a bit misleading, I agree. It trended better with the chillier troughieness up in Alaska than it did down here. Most of the time however I find that it almost always works.

  24. Andrew says:

    Haha that first guy was great. I can see how he got fired lol, must have drove his coworkers crazy.

  25. Justin says:

    Want to see a freaky weatherman video?
    NOTE: This is VERY disturbing. Mark Mathis has since bene fired btw

    And this guy is for real, he used to work for FOX in Charlotte, NC.
    This one is funny too.

  26. Andrew says:

    thanks for the update mark.

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