Back to Normal Finally

July 24, 2006

A strong marine push in progress this evening.  Apparently what was supposed to be a two-day push is happening all in one night.  So today’s forecast was too low and tomorrow’s may end up being too high.

But what a weekend eh?

I read some of your comments, but I can’t read all 300!  Someone was discussing east wind at one point too.  Drew Jackson & I were discussing that today as well.  Do you realize we went through this entire heat wave with no hot east wind making it out of the Gorge?  I think that if east wind would have made it to PDX on Friday, we could have gained another 3 degrees and hit that magic 107 mark.  Also, consider that the upper level ridge was never right over us with strong offshore flow, as model runs at midweek had shown.  I believe if that had occurred, we could have hit 108 (or higher?).  Someday, but maybe I’ll be an old man…Mark