Sunday Update: Hotter, But No So Sweaty

A brief stop inside before more projects to work on outside (in the shade).

It’s funny how quickly we can get acclimated to weather changes.  I never thought a temperature of 90 at midday and a dewpoint of "only" 64 plus a breeze would be "more comfortable".  But today does feel a little bit more normal for Portland.  Here is a totally non-meteorological viewpoint…Yesterday was just a bizarre day, did you see the yellowish sun in the evening? 

So after the 70 degree dewpoints midday yesterday, now it just feels like more "normal" humid Portland weather.  Looks like a 100 degree day to me though.  +25.6 at SLE sounding this morning and no onshore flow of any consequence through this afternoon may push us up into the 100-103 range.   I see HIO is already up to 94 at noon, similar to Friday, although the humidity should slow down the temp rise just a bit.  We should get more of a normal NW wind this evening, which will bring in slightly drier air again, maybe dewpoints more like 60-64 by sunset. 

As for thunder possibility, the water vapor loop shows we are just at the western edge of the big moisture plume that covers all of eastern Oregon.  So maybe some good storms over the Cascades later?  Maybe not.  Either way tomorrow will be a very nice day…highs closer to 90 with dewpoints moving back to 60 or below.

By the way, I’m hoping to find out if the 72 degree dewpoint at PDX yesterday evening was the highest ever recorded here.  I’ve never seen it above 68 in my 15 years forecasting in the metro area…Mark

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  1. Dmitri K says:

    Hey, new blog’s out.

  2. Justin says:

    Dmitri, February 10, 1999 was very similar to the snow event this past March. Basically just an upper level Gulf of Alaska low, that gave us a few scattered snow showers an dpulle down some extreme cold from the upper atmosphere that was a part of that Alaskan airmass. Had about 2 inches of snow total from February 9-10, 1999 here, the last snow event for me until 2002.
    I missed January 11 and December 12-13, 2000 while I was away at school, but my brother said we had about 2 inches here in both events, and the January event let schools out early for the first time in 2 years. At PDX, December 2000 was mostly ice, but snow fell to the north and south of Portland I believe. I think some valley locations had 3-4 inches, so their best event since February 1993 most likely.

  3. Derek Hodges says:

    Well thats good to know if it ever happens again.

  4. Justin says:

    Derek, Tourtdale recorded 24 inches but they’re missing data from January 10, 1980, when they likely had another 3 or 4 inches. So I’d say 25-30 inches for your location.

  5. Dmitri K says:

    1980 was amazing. Don’t forget the 72 inch total from Hood River Experiment Station in 3 days, that’s only rivalled by such historic storms as 1884 and 1892 (ones that gave Portland 20-30″ of snow).

  6. Dmitri K says:

    Yep Justin, got all three, but really only minor amounts. February 10, 1999 was unique because we had snow despite straight marine air complete with gusty southwest winds. That was really something else, having a deep freeze in Alaska so cold (one of their most severe ever) that air streaming out of it traveled over the entire northeast Pacific, around a low, and over us from the SOUTHWEST and still was cold enough to bring sea level snow.
    Jan. 11, 2000, was a about a half inch that melted fairly quickly, and Dec. 13, 2000 actually did give me an inch of sticking snow and cancelled school for that day.
    But again these are minor, and the its the major ones I always seem to miss out on.

  7. Derek Hodges says:

    Any idea how much I would have gotten in my area. I am about 5 miles west of Troutdale, 8 miles east of the airport. You might have seen where I am from when I posted a wunderground radar image. (Trying to make sure you know exactly) It seems like I probably would have had 25inches or so, but I don’t know.

  8. Justin says:

    And Dmitri, when the mayor of Oregon City said once in 20 years, he was most likely referring to either the January 11, 1979 icestorm or the Feruary 1-3, 1979 storm. I think those were bigger ice events than 1980.

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