Sunday Update: Hotter, But No So Sweaty

July 23, 2006

A brief stop inside before more projects to work on outside (in the shade).

It’s funny how quickly we can get acclimated to weather changes.  I never thought a temperature of 90 at midday and a dewpoint of "only" 64 plus a breeze would be "more comfortable".  But today does feel a little bit more normal for Portland.  Here is a totally non-meteorological viewpoint…Yesterday was just a bizarre day, did you see the yellowish sun in the evening? 

So after the 70 degree dewpoints midday yesterday, now it just feels like more "normal" humid Portland weather.  Looks like a 100 degree day to me though.  +25.6 at SLE sounding this morning and no onshore flow of any consequence through this afternoon may push us up into the 100-103 range.   I see HIO is already up to 94 at noon, similar to Friday, although the humidity should slow down the temp rise just a bit.  We should get more of a normal NW wind this evening, which will bring in slightly drier air again, maybe dewpoints more like 60-64 by sunset. 

As for thunder possibility, the water vapor loop shows we are just at the western edge of the big moisture plume that covers all of eastern Oregon.  So maybe some good storms over the Cascades later?  Maybe not.  Either way tomorrow will be a very nice day…highs closer to 90 with dewpoints moving back to 60 or below.

By the way, I’m hoping to find out if the 72 degree dewpoint at PDX yesterday evening was the highest ever recorded here.  I’ve never seen it above 68 in my 15 years forecasting in the metro area…Mark