Sweaty Saturday Update

July 22, 2006

Would we all agree we’ve had enough of this?

How about a nice sunny, DRY, 90 degree day?  Wouldn’t that be a pleasure?

The 11am observation shows that PDX tied the all time low temperature record of 74 degrees.  You just survived the warmest night in Portland since World War II!  Add the humidity around and it feels like Florida or Hawaii today.  I notice that it never dropped below 85 degrees all night at 1,900′ on the KPTV Tower.  And when was the last time you heard about a LOW temperature of 70 at Timberline Lodge? Can you imagine paying all that money, and then sitting there all night sweating in a hot old building?  Not the best night for a fireplace room.

Today’s high is just a matter of what time the clouds disappear.  Current movement tells me they won’t move past us until 4pm or so.  It may be tough to get much above 90.

And you know it’s bad when I say "at least it’ll get down into the 60’s tonight".   If we’re lucky, maybe some evening lightning activity over the Cascades too…Mark