8:00am Update

Everything appears to be in place for a VERY hot day across Western OR/WA.

1.  Offshore flow developed overnight and is stronger than I expected, almost 3 millibars Portland to The Dalles (PDX-DLS) right now.  That’s about the same as the June heat wave.  So east wind may make it close to the airport, for sure to Troutdale/Gresham/Camas.

2.  85 degrees at 6am at 1800′ on our TV tower…that’s impressive.

3.  No high clouds to interfere.

4.  If an east wind actually briefly makes it to PDX, I could see 105 or 106, otherwise 104 still looks good.

Looks like all models are latching onto upper level moisture moving overhead tonight/tomorrow.  That may do 2 things:  1.  A very warm night…maybe 70-75? and 2.  Cut down on heating tomorrow, a thick high cloud cover could keep us near or below 100 of course.

And a bonus to the heat wave…I had to get up at 6am this morning for KXL radio, so I made a coffee and went outside to water plants.  Nice and warm already.  With a warm night it sure smells good outside with plants blooming.  Kind of like a visit to Florida.  Of course the payback is the heat this afternoon.

Stay cool, and we’ll see if it IS the warmest day since 1988…Mark

160 Responses to 8:00am Update

  1. Andrew says:

    today was officially the hottest since 1988.

  2. Andrew says:

    looks like the airport ended up hitting 104 today.

  3. Andrew says:

    my temp is starting to fall now, down to 104.2 from 105.1

  4. Bruce Clark says:

    Remember a lot of reported tempatures will be higher because the sensor is NOT 100% protected from solar radiant energy, or they are in a location which traps solar energy and does not allow free air to invade and mix with it. Even a small amount of the sunlight reflecting off of a white house is enough to pickup a degree or two.
    I’m on the hill in Troutdale. I’ve got a portable weather station which I’ve moved to the north side of my 2-story house in the most protected location from solar radiation (reflected or otherwise) and with plenty of air flow. At 2:45 PM I’m showing….
    24.8% Humidity
    59.9 Dewpoint
    Heat Index: 105.1
    Winds NNE Steady @ 1.7mph, Gust to 3.5mph.
    If I move the system to the west side of the house, but under my deck, it will show about 4 degrees hotter – even though there is no direct sunlight under there (it’s a large area) but the winds are really protected and the heat gets trapped from what small amount of sun strikes the back yard and drifts under the deck. So buyer beware on readings if you don’t know anything about how well placed the sensor is.

  5. luvrydog says:

    BTW, I’m out here in hillsboro…I don’t think I remember when it was last this hot…right at 106.5…it’s a scorcher!

  6. Ben Monjay says:

    108 at the WFO now.

  7. Matthew says:

    As of 3:40pm at my house its 106 degrees.

  8. luvrydog says:

    How about the moisture showing up just south of Eugene…do you think we may see some sprinkles or showers later or is it just virga showing up that’s not even hitting the ground? I’m in an air conditioned building for work and we normally hover around 72 inside, right now it is almost 77 in here…the heat is just bearing down on the outside of the building, pretty amazing!

  9. Grego says:

    Clouding up in Salem, temp down from 101 to 97 now moisture heading up from the south could get interesting tonight

  10. Derek Hodges says:

    thats crazy!! I can’t believe that! I still am hovering around 100.3

  11. Matthew says:

    Wow 107 degrees at the nws Portland.

  12. Matthew says:

    Just bumbed up to 105 degrees at my house as of 3:20pm.

  13. Droppin says:

    I agree with forecasting 74-79 for the low.

  14. Andrew says:

    103 degrees now at the portland airport.

  15. Andrew says:

    i say sw portland will remain around 75-80ish degrees tonight if we get soaked in by clouds.

  16. Droppin says:

    104.4 here YUCK.

  17. Ben Monjay says:

    All of the clouds are going to get here right after peak heating and hold all of this heat in! Anybody want to guess at the low temps tonight?

  18. Matthew says:

    104.5 degrees as of 3:15 at my house. HOT HOT HOT!!!

  19. Andrew says:

    Today is most diffently the hottest day we have had this year so far.

  20. Droppin says:

    Fairly good cloud cover moving up from the south, so tonight will be unbearably warm/muggy, and I don’t know if we will drop below 75-80.

  21. Droppin says:

    Comparing this day to our heatwave in June it feels much hotter outside today to me anyhow. What is anyone elses opinion about this?

  22. Andrew says:

    105.1 here in sw portland…i am almost positive this is an accurate number. All the other thermos around my area that are legit are around 103-105.

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