Be Nice!

July 15, 2006

I was reading some of the comments in Mark’s previous blog posting… and some of you can guess what I’m about to discuss.

When commenting on topics, please avoid making any statements that are personally directed towards another poster.  Sure… you can can refer to someone else’s post and respond to it — but it is not appropriate to make mean-spirited or overly personal comments towards another poster who has a different opinion.

This weather blog has some loyal comment posters and even more loyal readers.  It is not OK to lose any of them because of personal comments.  Mark (and I) have the ability to enable a program on this blog that prevents comments from being posted until he (or I) read them first.  We’ve enabled that program before and we will again if the comments venture into a territory that they shouldn’t travel towards.  We like giving you the freedom to post comments in real time… we feel this blog is superior when that is the case.  But the comment posters will determine their own level of freedom based on behavior.

So… behave yourselves… be nice and polite… and then and all is good. 

And… while I encourage you to keep you comments relative to the blog posting, I understand that the discussion can easily get sidetracked.  And that’s OK… to a reasonable extent. 

– Drew J

PS – I believe that the GFS and ECMWF are on to something for the end of the week… it does indeed look like the Northwest will heat up again.  How hot?  Stay tuned…