Not So Hot

July 12, 2006

First the rain…  Those late showers really added up at PDX today.  Looks like .55" for a July 12th record here.  Salem had rain too, so we’ll never talk about that record anymore…a bit sad eh?  The only showers left this evening are over the Cascades and I don’t see any more rain coming up.
     BUT, a change tonight in the 7 Day Forecast.  The last 24 hours have seen a steady drop in forecast 500mb heights this weekend and early next week.  From a ridge right over us to ridging staying over the Rockies now.  That gives us plenty of onshore flow.  Forget 90’s and even upper 80’s.  It appears that most of July will go by without any real scorching hot weather.  Of course we still have almost 3 weeks to go, so things could change later next week (remember last year?)…Mark