Sunshine Returns

July 6, 2006

Last few visible satellite images before dark showed a nicely thinning marine layer breaking up quite a bit.  A good sign for a return to more sun and warmer temps tomorrow.  Since it is early-mid July, it’s pretty easy for temperatures to jump back into the 80’s over the weekend.  The thinning marine layer is due to the "4 Corners High" temporarily moving back to the west…closer to us.

By Monday that ridge is heading back to the east again, and all models show some sort of troughing again the middle of next week.  GFS & Canadian look like May with significant rain possible.  I THINK they are overdone since it’ll be mid July, but we’ll see.  Whether we get rain or not, I do expect temperatures to cool back down at least into the lower 70s.  So that consistent hot July weather is not coming within the next 7 days. 

Of course every person has different opinion on hot weather, so here’s mine:

1.  We sit through gray skies most of the year so I welcome any long sunny stretch of weather when we can get it.

2.  I personally don’t like high temperatures above 90 degrees, BUT, I love waking up to 70 degrees already at 8-9am, so I tolerate 90+ weather for that reason and prefer it to cloudy and 65 all day.

3.  Our consistently warm/hot weather really only goes on for a month or so out of 12, it just seems like a long time during that mid-July to mid-August period.

Now discuss among yourselves…Mark