Rebuttal to “The Weatherman”

A much different blog tonight…because my curiousity got the best of me finally…so last week I rented THE WEATHERMAN starring Nicholas Cage.  It’s a very strange and depressing movie, and not for the easily offended either.  But a few small parts of it represented TV life pretty well.  But I just had to comment on several things.
It was obviously filmed at WGN in Chicago, because a bunch of the graphics are the same as Tom Skilling’s except the logo has been changed.
Let’s clear up some misconceptions in the movie:
1.  The weatherman (Cage) says "I really only work 2 hours a day" and constantly shows him sitting around the water cooler doing nothing.
Umm, here’s my schedule:
2:30pm get to work, start making the forecast (on paper)
2:45 editorial meeting with all KPTV newsroom
3:15 KXL radio record
3:30 Bend Radio record
3:30 email Bend fcst to KFXO TV
5:00 record 6 different promos/weather cutins
6:00 KXL radio record
7:30 record :45 KFXO 1st wxcast, 3:30 main wxcast, :45 end wx (all 10pm Bend wx hits)
10:00 KPTV newscast
11:00 KPTV newscast
And at some point in the day I answer emails, phone, make a Google map for newscast, send email forecast to viewers, update web page, blog etc…
I keep PLENTY busy.

2.  People throw things at the Weatherman on the street in the movie
I’ve never had this happen or heard of it happening

3.  The Weatherman pretends to be someone else when a viewer recognizes him at the DMV
I’ve never done this, even when I feel sick or a bit grumpy.  Today I had a 2 minute conversation with a guy named Mike while buying a new weed-whacker at Home Depot.  See, there’s always an opportunity to mix pleasure & business!  So folks just remember, don’t use last summer’s old oil/gas for this summer’s weed-whacking.  It’ll burn up your engine.

 Now, on to weather.  One shower with maybe a rumble slipped through the east side of the metro area this evening.  It COULD happen again tomorrow, but I think it’s unlikely.

The big picture shows troughiness a bit closer to us next week with the ridge farther east, but not far enough away to allow rain inland….Mark

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  1. Jesse says:

    Can we leave comments here?

  2. Dmitri K says:

    That’s one night that I’d want nature to yield to our man-made fireworks…you can’t have both at the same time. The other 364 nights nature’s fair game.

  3. Sean says:

    Ok, yes there’s definitely nothing better than seeing mother nature’s fireworks.. Looking at the SPC 4-7 day outlook have the OH Valley seeing severe storms July 4-5, will have to keep any eye on that.

  4. Dmitri K says:

    Our radar is completely clear at 8:10 PM. So much for them storms.

  5. Justin says:

    Sunday there’s talk of a big severe weather event up in Michigan Sean, so there may be some severe down in Indiana where you are, not a major outbreak but at leats you’ll be seeing some thunder and for that you should be thankful.

  6. Sean says:

    Can I say that I’m glad that I don’t have a thunderstorm in my area? Had them the previous few days, but the heat and the humidity are on the return. Good’ol flow out of the Gulf of Mexico, back to the 65-70 deg nighttime lows. Looks like a possibility for some storms (possibly severe) Sunday through Tuesday.

  7. Droppin says:

    I will be surprised as well. Well if Rod is seeing something on the models so much to change his forecast like that I would think Mark would pick up on that also. I guess we will find out later.

  8. Derek Hodges says:

    Hey, its short but check this out. Its awesome

  9. Justin says:

    The flow is southerly for now, but I still think this is a diurnal event and thunderstorms are unlikely to fire up after dark. You’re right though, I’ve seen weirder things happen and isolated convection could still go up with this thing all the way through the night.
    As for Rod Hill’s forecast, I don’t know. The jetstream will gradually get back in place and allow the ridge to die sometime soon, as that happens I suppose there’s always an outside shot for thunderstorms, however I don’t really see much right now to indicate that any are going to occur. Maybe good old Rod knows something we, the NWS, and Mark don’t?

  10. Droppin says:

    The flow aloft above me has gone due south now. I have seen this type of scenario played out many a time. You get a batch of convection in the afternoon, then another batch fires up between Medford and Eugene 10pm or later. I still think it’s possible. I wonder why Rod Hill is saying we will remain in the upper 80’s all weekend with t-storms every day possibly into the valleys. He is indictating no real onshore push which would be unusual because onshore flow almost always follows in behind the shortwave after it passes.

  11. Dmitri K says:

    Just wanted to comment on 90 degree heat in June, as today Portland did it again by hitting 91.
    We’ve had a stunning increase in June 90 degree days here since 2000:
    7 June’s since 2000 – 20 days at or above 90.
    7 June’s 1993-1999 – 3 days at or above 90 (with 2 of them in 1995).
    In fact, there were only 16 90-degree days in June over 17 years from 1983-1999 (with a quarter of those days coming from 1992).
    In the 1983-1999 period, the June maximum exceeded 97 only once, in 1992.
    Since 2000, this has happened 3 times out of just 7 possible June’s.

  12. Justin says:

    I think this is pretty much a non event for the Northern Valley, we may get a few showers but I think this will be a diurnal event and we’ll just get a stronger onshore influence with the shortwave, no thunderstorms.

  13. Droppin says:

    As the shortwave moves overhead tonight I think there’s a real possibility that storms fire over the valley.

  14. Derek Hodges says:

    New STW warning posted

  15. Justin says:

    I’m not liking what I’m seeing, as I thought everything that tried to drift WNW has basically fallen apart, the atmosphere is too dry and stable I think. I’m about to call it a day.

  16. Derek Hodges says:

    The general flow is trying to move the storms this way but the westerly flow is also pushing the storms away from us. If a storm were to fire up just a tad farther west then they have been then we could expect a storm to hit here.

  17. Derek Hodges says:

    For now..but I wouldn’t be surprised if some new storms would refire near us later. Hey Salemphil I figured out a way to stay dry for the second night..but it didn’t storm and now I am gone lol. You just have to put a tarp inside the tent and a big one so it could fold up on all if water leaks in it doesn’t get you wet. Also, I found a spot that was flat without any rocks…yes!! lol During the two hour period of lightning it was crazy. My fly on top blew partly off and rain was blowing in. There was some lightning right overhead but most of it just just to my west I thought. I didn’t really care about going to a safe place I was mostly enjoying it in my tent. By mostly I mean does anybody have an idea of how bad it hurts your eyes when lightning flashes and you see it through your tent? Salemphil did you notice this?? Oh well, its all good as long as some storms come this way later

  18. salemphil says:

    LOL yeah sealant is on the shopping list now…along with another canopy tarp to put over the tent. The one I had was over all my other camping gear.

  19. Justin says:

    Looks like the two cells in the foothills merged, moving NNWish. I still doubt it will push up west enough into the metro area but I suppose its possible.

  20. Dmitri K says:

    I would never trust a “waterproof” tent to actually be waterproof. I had the same thing happen to me while backpacking in Alaska a few summers ago. We got caught in a huge 2-day rainstorm that dropped 2-3 inches of rain, and literally flooded us out of our valley campsite and forced us to move upward. Before that happened, my supposedly waterproof tent leaked water on me like there’s no tomorrow. I had to actually sleep in other people’s tents the last 10 days of the trek.
    When I got back to Oregon I explained to the store what happened and got my full money back – despite using and abusing the tent for 2 months.
    The solution? Just buy a can of sealant and apply it yourself to the seams and creases of the tent. That actually works really well – I just didn’t think to do it then since it was advertised as waterproof.

  21. salemphil says:

    PS….Talk about jonesing for a computer to check out the radar when that thing was overhead!!!!!!!

  22. salemphil says:

    Hey Derek, I can feel your pain. We were nailed by the rain also on our last night over there. We watched some fantastic lightning and even had to get in the truck when it went over us. Last time I heard thunder like that I was in boot camp in Orlando Fl. We ended up staying in the truck for about 45 min. before we felt it was safe enough to get out. then it was on to the drenched tent. Actually it wasn’t to bad at first but by the next morning we were rather wet….who knew that new tents were not water proof LOL.
    I got some video of the lightning and some great pics of the thunder heads and of the sunset, and I will get those posted as soon as I can and post the link here for anyone who wants to check them out.
    funny thing is that all day on the weather radio and during the storm they were saying a 20% chance of “isolated” thunderstorms and showers….well after an all night and well into the next morning rain storm I can only guess that the 20% chance sat right on top of us LOL.

  23. hanson says:

    here in my place in longview i have clear view to my SE and those storms are beautiful

  24. Justin says:

    Its probably because there isn’t much wind east of the Cascades and the heat is drier and stronger southern air. Its just as bad as Houston’s 100 degree heat with 80 degree dewpoints.

  25. Justin says:

    Awesome storm now in the foothills, I’m a little concerned though that there isn’t much for it to feed off of up here. Chances are it won’t make it up here, but as Droppin pointed out the main shortwave energy isn’t up here yet, instability and capping isn’t really a problem, and it could still drag some more moisture up here with it. I think anything the valley would get will be isolated at best but if we get lucky and a few little storms do fire they could be bigtime wind/lightning producers.

  26. Droppin says:

    Yeah I expect storms to fire north of this area and become a line as well. But there will be plenty more firing to the south of Bend down towards Medford. This truly could be an amazingly active night.

  27. Derek Hodges says:

    Weakend slightly but it appears to be turning into a line, probably should continue to strengthen in the long run…there is plenty of heat over here too. One thing I noticed in eastern oregon in the higher elevations is that its almost as if the sun feels “hotter”. Even in the morning when it was 80 or so I still felt like I was burning up when standing in the direct light, it was weird. Does it actually work this way, only for a different realistic reason.

  28. Droppin says:

    Damn 72? That’s nuts. For this area on the WEST side of the cascade crest that’s unheard of. It’s only 2:40PM they could still intensify further. The main shortwave energy/instability isn’t even here yet. It’s just now on the CA/OR border.

  29. Derek Hodges says:

    72dbz is the highest according to wunderground I think. Yeah, isn’t that funny I come back here and the storms come after me. I have never gone on a campout without a storm so it didn’t surprise me so much and everyone was like hey weatherman….. lol.

  30. Droppin says:

    Well there you are Lol I didn’t want to have all the fun of tracking these by myself. Yeah now there’s 2 severe cells over 67 DBz. Pretty impressive.

  31. Droppin says:

    WOW 70 DBZ. BIGTIME severe t-storms exploding.

  32. Droppin says:

    Already 1 severe t-storm warning. Cascade foothills of Lane County. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come. I hope so Lol.

  33. Droppin says:

    Welcome back Derek. Yeah I’m a bit surprised that there is this much lightning activity on AM radio. Hopefully as the shortwave approaches the flow aloft will become more favorable. Model sounding indicate pretty good instability.

  34. Derek Hodges says:

    Some of the storms are actually drifting this way…nice to see that for later today!

  35. Derek Hodges says:

    Greetings everyone! I have returned from my not so happy camping experience early. The first day I saw a few thunderstorms in the distance but mostly it was just wildly hot. It had to be at least 100. In my tent I had a sensor and it said 107.4. lol Of course thats in there but it wasn’t tons better outside. The next day was still hot but not AS bad. I was out on an intertube with a few of my friends and just sitting there while the boat went to go get gas..and they were taking a long time and a thunderstorm came up so we were on it trying to swim in before it hit and I got very sore since we were being dragged out towards the other side. It rained for about an hour and later after we had gone to bed a huge thunderstorm hit. Lots of lightning with heavy rain for about 2 hours. Then the steady rain continued and lasted for a total of about 11 hours in a row! The problem was it soaked everything in my tent and me so I had a bad night. Nothing much the next day but even as we left this morning it looked like it would be exciting. However nobody else likes storms so I think I am the only one who would have wanted to stay and watch them haha. Well whats been going on here lately? I have a slight sunburn from my time over there but it looks like a good tan. Hoping for some storms here…but I don’t think they will hit. Glad to be back!

  36. vernonia1 says:

    Just read Mark’s bio on the new web page. Very impressive. We are very lucky to have you here in Portland! WTG Mark! And again…..many thanks for all you teach us here.

  37. Sean says:

    Just pulled this from the AFD this morning:

  38. Dmitri K says:

    Hey another great movie. I could watch it over and over again (pun intended)

  39. Justin says:

    I didn’t see it, don’t like Nicholas Cage, but I did think it was weird when I saw the tv spots for it and people were dumping milkshakes on him simply because he was a weatherman.
    I did however just watch Groundhog Day, another movie with a weatherman, not that that had anything to do with the story…

  40. Dmitri K says:

    That was a good movie, funny but depressing and strange in a way. I saw that movie on one of my first dates with my last ex-girlfriend. We both thought it was funny. Ah, memories.
    And BTW Mark as far as the throwing things comment, you have to remember this takes place in Chicago, not in benign Portland.

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