Rebuttal to “The Weatherman”

June 29, 2006

A much different blog tonight…because my curiousity got the best of me finally…so last week I rented THE WEATHERMAN starring Nicholas Cage.  It’s a very strange and depressing movie, and not for the easily offended either.  But a few small parts of it represented TV life pretty well.  But I just had to comment on several things.
It was obviously filmed at WGN in Chicago, because a bunch of the graphics are the same as Tom Skilling’s except the logo has been changed.
Let’s clear up some misconceptions in the movie:
1.  The weatherman (Cage) says "I really only work 2 hours a day" and constantly shows him sitting around the water cooler doing nothing.
Umm, here’s my schedule:
2:30pm get to work, start making the forecast (on paper)
2:45 editorial meeting with all KPTV newsroom
3:15 KXL radio record
3:30 Bend Radio record
3:30 email Bend fcst to KFXO TV
5:00 record 6 different promos/weather cutins
6:00 KXL radio record
7:30 record :45 KFXO 1st wxcast, 3:30 main wxcast, :45 end wx (all 10pm Bend wx hits)
10:00 KPTV newscast
11:00 KPTV newscast
And at some point in the day I answer emails, phone, make a Google map for newscast, send email forecast to viewers, update web page, blog etc…
I keep PLENTY busy.

2.  People throw things at the Weatherman on the street in the movie
I’ve never had this happen or heard of it happening

3.  The Weatherman pretends to be someone else when a viewer recognizes him at the DMV
I’ve never done this, even when I feel sick or a bit grumpy.  Today I had a 2 minute conversation with a guy named Mike while buying a new weed-whacker at Home Depot.  See, there’s always an opportunity to mix pleasure & business!  So folks just remember, don’t use last summer’s old oil/gas for this summer’s weed-whacking.  It’ll burn up your engine.

 Now, on to weather.  One shower with maybe a rumble slipped through the east side of the metro area this evening.  It COULD happen again tomorrow, but I think it’s unlikely.

The big picture shows troughiness a bit closer to us next week with the ridge farther east, but not far enough away to allow rain inland….Mark