Summer Sets In

June 28, 2006

Looking at the maps it looks like summer really has set in early.  High pressure to our east is sending disturbances north across the Western U.S.  Lots of lightning even at 11pm in Southcentral Oregon.  This should spread farther north tomorrow, but still stay over and east of the Cascades.  For us to get thunder in the metro area, we generally need either straight south or southeasterly trajectory (just like Medford has right now).  I don’t see that in the next 3 days.

A thinner marine layer lets us warm up a bit the next 2 days too.

We are busy with an imminent web change here at KPTV.  At noon tomorrow KPTV.COM will move to a different provider, and it might take a short time to get all the content moved to our new provider.  So don’t panic if you can’t find this blog for a day or two.  Or at least bookmark it right now.

Oh, and there was a comment below wondering what that funny looking thing was on the 4th of July Forecast?  Our system takes a 1 frame snapshot of a 60 frame 7 Day forecast, so it just caught the "edge" of a fireworks graphic.  Or maybe it was the mothership hiding behind the moon???  Mark