Cold Days Ahead

Sorry for the lack of info last night, I felt kind of well…crappy.  A rare late May cold, must be due to the weather.

Record "low" highs the next 2 days are 56 & 57 degrees at PDX, and I think it’ll be close.  Very cold airmass is moving onshore this evening, partially evidenced by the showers continuing well past sunset and more showers showing up on radar offshore.  Tomorrow should be a busy weather day, but not severe, as cold unstable air combines with sunbreaks to bring us lots of convection.  Freezing level bottoms out near 4,000′ the next 2 mornings for flurries in the passes, but no accumulation.

Beginning Sunday the airmass moderates to a bit more reasonable, but still cool, for this time of the year.  I also noticed tonight that we could easily see another .50-1.00" the next 3 days in the lowlands, which will push our May rainfall well above normal.  So much for the "early fire season" talk eh? 

Stay warm the next few days and keep putting out the slug bait!  Mark Nelsen

29 Responses to Cold Days Ahead

  1. -100F says:

    yea pretty darn cold..

  2. Justin says:

    Why would we want to get to 39?

  3. alex says:

    46.2 man it is cold can we get down to 39???

  4. Ian says:

    we had some steady moderate rain earlier up in Longview. sort of that “train” effect, as the echoes were blossoming just a couple miles outside of town steadily. now the showers have shifted off to the east, and weve gotten some clearing and sunbreaks. but according to the radar theres no moisture coming, heres to hoping something pops up.

  5. Jerry says:

    The dark clouds you all see to the west, were just in HIllsboro. Heavy rain/hail no thunder or lighting. The darkest cloud looked as if it was starting to turn and rotate alittle but then it stopped. Or i was seeing stuff.

  6. -100F says:

    very dark clouds coming.

  7. Derek Hodges says:

    to my west I got some dark dark clouds. Looks like an approaching hail storm

  8. -100F says:

    Anyone noticed how all the showers are moving so slowly?

  9. Justin says:

    Some clearin, but only high clouds developing, nothing in terms of moisture. Have had solid rain since around 1pm though here, still coming down. Picked up 1.25 in the past 30 hours.

  10. -100F says:

    Yeah, there is a lot of cloud cover…

  11. Droppin says:

    Man it’s chilly today. Well guys no sunbreaks = very small chance of storms. Sooooo let’s hope for those sunbreaks.

  12. Greg says:

    Any one want to go out on a limb and take a guess at what june 16th – 23rd. Going camping at Diamond lake hoping for no rain cool temps are ok though, better fishing, cross your fingers. So what do you all think? no rain temps in the mid 70s would be nice.

  13. Ian says:

    man, watching the visible sattelite loop is really interesting right now. so much going on with that huge low. it looks to be diving south, and (in my amatuer eye) it looks as though the upper level flow is turning more offshore up on the northern tip of WA. could we be out of this system faster than expected? and turn sunnier earlier than forecast?
    i hope so. it happened all winter when nobody wanted it to, now i hope it will do it when we want it to.

  14. Camas Mom says:

    Mat – we’ve lost power FIVE TIMES since mid January. Only one time was not due to weather ( some dummy in a moving truck pulled on a telephone wire and kept driving pulling down three poles). Otherwise it’s all been wind knocking down trees onto the lines. Clark PUD came through and supposedly thinned out all the bad trees…yup, you guessed it…the next week we lost power due to a tree. Being without power is the worst when you’re on a well. I can live without the heat (fireplace) and the lights (candles), but not without water to flush the toilet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Camas Mom says:

    Dumping rain right now. This morning on my way down the hill it was 46 degrees! YIKES – this is December weather. I’d rather have snow…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Ryan says:

    Wow, last night driving south on 205 through Vancouver around 8pm or so we got hammered with some impressive rain. Almost enough to pullout the old school terms ‘gullywasher’ and ‘cloud burst.’ Traffic on 205 went down to 35mph and some folks pulled off onto the shower. Nothing better then natures carwash to blast some of the birds presents. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. vernonia1 says:

    We had a good downpour here for 20 mins also. Looks like we are gonna get a bunch here in the next few minutes too!

  18. Derek Hodges says:

    The only time I lost power in the last year was on christmas with that wind. I agree, I hope it gets knocked out at school so I can stay home lol

  19. Derek Hodges says:

    Today I had a pretty good storm roll through. Rained like mad for about 20 minutes or so. I am pretty sure unless something really weird happens we will get pounded pretty good.

  20. Mat says:

    What I meant was rub some dirt on it, and just pray for really intense storms tomorrow. I just wanna lose power for once over a weather related incident.

  21. Josh"The Snowman" says:

    I sure hope that wasn’t directed at me.
    Anyways, welcome to the blog “fraq”. Where ya from?

  22. frag says:

    King Kong Josh-I

  23. Josh"The Snowman" says:

    Been pretty good. Not much in the way of storms today, not sure about tomorrow? Did you see anything today Derek?
    Write Tony? What wall? Maybe Derek can decipher this one. Cause I can’t, maybe Mat is a drinker, who knows.

  24. Mat says:

    Josh the snowman, havent heard from you in awhile. How u been? We should write Tony on the wall for good measure. You guys suppose to get t-storms up there in Seattle tomorrow as well??

  25. Derek Hodges says:

    Oh yeah..I send my regards as well. Feel better Mark

  26. Josh"The Snowman" says:

    Norovirus? Will Clark? What are you talking about Mat?
    That is the most Neuschler stuff I have ever heard.
    I kind of like this weather we are having. Reminds me of when me and my brothers were kids and we would go hunting. My dad would yell “C’mon troops”. It was lots of fun. Oh, the Tstorms always were out that time of year is why it reminds me of that.

  27. Derek Hodges says:

    Just in case anybody doesn’t know tomorrow will not only be stormy but a lot of the storms should be hail producers. There will be many vigerous showers, even more so that usual, and with low level “warmth” and a lot of cold air aloft most of them will drop hail. It looks to me like its going to be a very fun and active day.

  28. Mat says:

    Yea Mark, I know how you feel I think. Last week I had the norovirus, its not fun. About 36 hours of pure hell. Anyways, bring on the wild weather tomorrow. Good luck on your segment tonight. Could you please mention Will Clark, the best ballplayer of all time? JK, get better soon!!

  29. Droppin says:

    No problem Mark, and we hope you get to feeling better soon. Yeah seeing showers continue to develop at 9:50PM certainly screams of cold air aloft as the culprit. I think tomorrow will be an exciting day.

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