Big Cold Trough

No changes in forecast "philosophy" tonight.  BIg trough sitting offshore the next two days, sending impluses inland from time to time.  This keeps showers moving in pretty regularly.  A more organized system moves in Thursday, which may give us steadier rain.
The trough, along with lower freezing levels, moves inland Friday-Sunday.  Thunderstorms a much better bet with cold atmosphere overhead combining with almost "Solstice strength" sunshine.
Models still show the low kicking out early next week, for a return to milder late May/early June weather with very little rain…Mark

17 Responses to Big Cold Trough

  1. Derek Hodges says:

    I can’t believe how hard that shower was earlier at my house, the sewer overflowed lol. Hoping for more of that minus the overflowing part.

  2. Dave Lamb says:

    We had a very heavy rain shower around 7 PM, with dollar sized rain drops on the windshield. No thunder or hail, though.

  3. Droppin says:

    Hey guys. Ian the reason we haven’t seen much hail, thunder yet is because the air aloft isn’t quite cold enough yet. I did detect 6 lightning strikes on AM radio(530 – 540AM) around 3:30PM from a cell down near Oregon City with up to 57 DBz. However there hasn’t been enough vertical growth with the showers due to the lack of cold air aloft. Once the colder air aloft moves overhead coupled with sunbreaks warming the ground, then the clouds will grow more and the updrafts will become stronger giving us more hail, thunder, etc. I expect this to occur Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

  4. Sean says:

    Looks like I will have a strong storm pass through, but nothing too bad.. Tomorrow should be much more interesting.. Turning to warm and humid here in the midwest.. Temps in the mid to upper 80’s and DPs in the middle 60’s.. LI at around -4 to -6..

  5. Justin says:

    I love this weather, its what seperates us from a dull climate like San Diego.

  6. Derek Hodges says:

    Wow what a shower! There was small hail and rain heavy beyond all reason. The sewer overflowed with about 4 inches of water on top, first time I have seen that in the 10years I have lived where I live. I would estimate 1/3 inch or more in about 5 minutes, it was absolutely crazy!!!

  7. salemphil says:

    Ian… LMAO that was funny!

  8. Ian says:

    probably wont though Derek. we got nailed up here in Longview earlier. according to the NWS website, we had .41″ of rain in 40 minutes. some of the hardest rain ive seen fall since 2 years ago when i was in Georgia for a while. no hail. i dont know exactly why these very heavy showers arent producing hail, or thunder and lightning even, but maybe later in the week.
    oh wait, ummm….maybe if we get one of these kinds of showers overnight we could see some wet snowflakes. i mean, if its 48 or so, and get a very heavy shower…. just kidding guys.

  9. Derek Hodges says:

    Just so you know what I meant sure you can’t do a lot but I like to have one week of say showers, then another of heat, then another with some storms, etc.,%20OR&showstorms=31&map.x=416.5&map.y=220.5&centerx=368&centery=161&lightning=1
    I got quite a band of rain coming in, about 55dbz, could drop small hail.

  10. Sean says:

    Well, looks like there has been a bit of action back there today.. A few nice showers moving through the Portland Area at the moment.. Can’t tell if there has been any lightning strikes with those cells.
    I’m watching my own radar here in Indiana also at the moment, seems like I will be seeing some action here also..

  11. Droppin says:

    I like hot weather sometimes, and sometimes I like a cooler wet day like today. Nothing wrong with variety at times. Now Lol I’m looking forward to storms when the cold air aloft gets overhead.

  12. -100F says:

    Your opinion.

  13. Ian says:

    because hot around here is rarely uncomfortable. if it was 85 degrees and 75% humidity, THAT would be uncomfortable, but were not on the east coast are we? our hot weather means going out on the lake, or river, relaxing, enjoying the warm sunshine. this weather just sucks, cant go do anything.

  14. -100F says:

    Whats the point of venturing out, if its too hot and uncomfortable? Like this weather much better, its what the NW is all about :).

  15. Ian says:

    wow. some very colorful radar out there. one cell blowing up right now up here about ready to slam into longview, and i see a few training lines around portland. wish i had my camera. some impressive cloud structure. too bad no thunder or lightning with this.

  16. Ian says:

    what variety? a week of cold and rainy weather? at least when its a week of hot sunny weather, you can venture outside and enjoy yourself. this kindof weather, after having a taste of summer brings on the blues.

  17. Derek Hodges says:

    Ahh well, fine by me. Nice to have a little variety.

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