Chilly Forecast

Looks like classic May weather is here for a few days.  Lots of showers with occasional steady rain periods.  But sunbreaks too.  Unlikely that we’ll see more than a 6 hour dry period, except maybe some nighttime periods.

Pattern changes very little in the next 6 days.  A cold trough remains offshore the next 3 days and then the entire thing moves inland Friday-Sunday.   That means a cooler airmass late week (better chance for cold thunderstorms), leading to Cascade snow down to at least 5,000′.  Cold (and crowded) camping ahead for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Beyond that, models seem to be a bit more reasonable for late May, with warming temps back to at least normal and not much rain after Sunday…Mark

18 Responses to Chilly Forecast

  1. Derek Hodges says:

    I haven’t seen hail cover the ground in since last year so I could go for that this week. I have seen hail..but not long lasting.

  2. Droppin says:

    Yeah I agree with everything you guys have said. Of course if we did get good sunbreaks with such cold air aloft coupled with warm nearly June sun working on the atmosphere you could get some fairly active storms out of that.

  3. Justin says:

    Agreed, its a cold core post frontal setup. Moist enough, but entirely different nature. Sunday was similar to Northern Plains setups, this weekend’s should be the instable showery type setups that we’re so used to seeing.

  4. luvrydog says:

    -100, remember they will be cold thunderstorms, although we may get more hail, I believe we will not see any storms of sunday’s nature or near as big, totally different type of set up for storms. Of course, with this last weeks weather, who the heck can predict anything in the NW

  5. -100F says:

    showers passed through a lot faster than I expected. Another band coming right behind it though.

  6. Justin says:

    Decent rain right now.
    And ouch, Portland sure got screwed over in the draft lottery {I know, I know, but there’s no sports blog}.

  7. hanson says:

    heavy in longview for the past 20 minutes

  8. -100F says:

    The 7 day forcast shows it on friday and saterday. (The dark clouds)

  9. -100F says:

    Friday looks pretty good. KGW, KPTV, NWS all say pretty good chance of T storms on friday. And also decent on sunday. So

  10. lip balm says:

    o well thats to bad i was hoping for a surprise t-storm that would be cool. ur right the heavt rain is starting to hit me now or is about to and no thunder so to bad. are there chances later this week?

  11. -100F says:

    KPTV and NWS also say Thunder possible but unlikely. I think its just Rain. 49 Dbz right now.

  12. lip balm says:

    so that is just rain coming right? no t-storms today? on it ways t storms are possible tonight but no one else is saying that. will there be any?

  13. -100F says:

    A lot of percip moving in right now. Looks like a couple horus of rain.

  14. Derek Hodges says:

    It would be nice to see another t-storm. Hopefully we see some during the week.

  15. Ian says:

    i hate how everyones so unsure about snow and the hot weather around here. yet so solid on the wet and cool forecasts. some uncertainty would be nice, you know….give the people some hope.

  16. Justin says:

    Good to see the rain coming abck, woke up this morning to the freshly green grass, with a nice low hanging mist shrouded around the evergreens. This is what the PACNW is all about!

  17. Derek Hodges says:

    BTW we are on the edge of the storms based on

  18. Derek Hodges says:

    To me that looks like a good opportunity for hail storms. Hoping 🙂

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