Fun Sunday Weather!

May 21, 2006

Now that was fun end to the weekend wasn’t it?

I missed the earlier storms that hit many of you today (Sunday).  But I was watching that cell around 7:30pm that moved through Lebanon, prompting a severe thunderstorm warning.  It kept going and eventually ran over Sandy and through east Multnomah County…my ‘hood, around 10pm.  I picked up about .60" in 20 minutes about 3 miles east of Corbett, but only small hail.  Drew says I was not in the center of the cell either, it was just west of Larch Mt. Summit and then down to Multnomah Falls.  Makes you wonder how much rain fell there…1.00"?

Most interesting (to me) was the ratio of cloud-ground vs. cloud-cloud strikes.  I figure I saw at least 50 flashes, sometimes 2 within a few seconds.  But there appear to have been only 3-4 cloud-ground (detected) strikes in the same area!  That’s not uncommon and I’ve made a mental note for future storms.  NOAA is working on deploying optical technology of some sort to detect nighttime lightning IN clouds, that should be interesting.

It should be a busy weather week with an upper-level low over us.  The showers/t’storms will be "colder" as the week goes on and a cooler airmass envelopes the Northwest.   One of my most hated forecasting patterns.  A 6 hour break in waves moving up in the southwest flow aloft can mean a mostly sunny day with rain early or late in the day.  Then everybody says "hey, I thought it was going to rain all week!"

Enjoy the week…Mark