Another Summer Day

May 17, 2006

Feels just like a July day, but of course it’s May!  A clear end to our summery weather is in sight.  In fact tomorrow should be our last sunny day since the upper level ridge begins moving east the next 3 days.  Right now it’s centered over far Eastern Oregon and Idaho, but by Saturday it’ll be over Montana & Wyoming.  That opens the door to more moisture as the cool trough offshore moves much closer.  More significant for our weather west of the Cascades is that the onshore flow will strengthen quite a bit the next 2 days.  The best push of cool marine air should be tomorrow night.

Today was an even more vigorous convective day across the region.  Our lightning detection here shows 1,200 cloud to ground strikes within Oregon today.  Pretty impressive for May.  Several cells were briefly severe as they moved near the Mt. Jefferson area and out into the west end of the Warm Springs Reservation.  As of 7:30 things are dying down this evening.

Another round for tomorrow, basically a repeat of today.   Air flow up at thunderstorm level is SSW, which keeps any storms from moving west of the Cascades.  That continues through Friday too.

Long range models do seem to be coming together now with "troughiness" moving into the region over the weekend and hanging around in one form or another through the middle of next week…Mark