More Sun

A slow night, although we did get some great pictures from Mt. St. Helens today which we’ll show at 10 & 11pm.

Nice offshore wind event in progress across our area.   Pressure difference from North Bend to Spokane has increased from 0 to 6 millibars in the last 24 hours.  Easterly wind is coming off the Cascades, into the foothills, and down into the Portland Metro Area.  Not exactly a raging wintertime easterly wind, but enough to pop our temperatures up about 10 degrees today.  I noticed Battleground went from 35 to 60 from 7am-9am as the wind arrived and mixed down warmer air.  That must have felt nice!  Low dewpoints continue too, in the 20’s most areas this afternoon.

More of the same tomorrow with a slightly warmer atmosphere means around 3-5 degrees warming.  I doubt we’ll hit 80 but it’ll be close.  Friday we start with lowest pressure inland, then low-level flow turns westerly during the day.  My experience seems to be that in the absence of a major shortwave or front approaching, we have our warmest day since the onshore flow is slow to start.  So I stayed with 78 for both tomorrow and Friday.

Still looking for a major marine push Friday night for a much cooler Saturday.  Next cold front holds off until Sunday.

A change in the 12z & 18z models today was some ridging by midweek again.  So it’s very possible the only wet weather in the next 7+ days will be Sunday & Monday…Mark

8 Responses to More Sun

  1. Justin says:

    Models are never consistent, no need in putting any stock past the 4 day forecast most times for exact numbers, and even then they’re never completely accurate. Go with what YOU THINK will happen, not with what the model wants to lean on in the most extreme case. That’s how I look at them.

  2. alex says:

    well come on give them a break they cant be that accurate. lol

  3. Derek Hodges says:

    Yeah, it keeps happening like that!

  4. Ian says:

    so were looking at 80’s again next week? well, if the last couple weeks have been any indication, that will drop to a whopping 75 and the news will be full of “its hot outside folks” kinda stuff.
    its the exact same thing as what happened with that super cold snap we had. supposed highs in the mid 20’s, and by the time it got here we were hitting 40 and it was no big deal.
    thats frustrating.

  5. -100F says:

    Just 5-6 months left till winter šŸ™‚ lol

  6. Mat says:

    I think that all this nice weather will bring a cool and wet period longer than usual in this late spring. Here in Oregon it always balances itself that way. Lets hope not though!!!!

  7. Lovin the sun!!!!!!!! says:

    Typical Oregon Forcast Sunny all week Rain on the weekend! but hey we’ll take all the sun we can get keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Derek Hodges says:

    Sounds good! I am enjoying the sunshine

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