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April 27, 2006

Of course it happens this way:  Yesterday the low clouds wouldn’t go away, but this morning they were already mostly gone at sunrise.  I can’t win!  Temps made it into the lower 70s today across the metro area as a result.

With all models forecasting several degrees of atmospheric warming tomorrow, we should easily hit 75-76.  I notice ETA MOS at 00z has 78 for tomorrow.  Could happen, but I hate to get too wild and crazy.  In my younger days at a local TV station I would have gone for 78 or so, but I’m getting old & conservative (weatherwise) lately.

Massive marine push + weakening cold front Saturday keeps us in clouds through midafternoon with a few sprinkles or a shower.  MUCH cooler the big story then.  But by Sunday we’re back to northerly low-level flow, which means quite a bit more sun.

Long range models have either a flat or strong ridge over us starting Tuesday and continuing through Thursday next week.  We could anywhere from 74-86 depending on which model you believe, so I’ll stick with 76.  No good chance for widespread rain until later next week.