More Warmth Ahead

April 24, 2006

After taking a little break this weekend, I come back to very June-like weather maps.  So what kind of weather map looks like June?

500 millibar heights through the next 7-10 days remain quite high with just weak disturbances passing by to the north from time to time.  It’s quite possible that we won’t see a soaking rain for 10 days.  That is very unusual for late April or early May. 

00z GFS has ridging over us late this week and again the middle of next week.  These periods will be the warmest days of the next 7-10, then we cool off inbetween with onshore flow.

In the short term, onshore flow tonight shouldn’t be strong enough to push cloud cover inland much, but tomorrow night’s push will be much stronger.  We may struggle to get any sun on Wednesday as a result.