First 70 and Fruit Trees

April 19, 2006

Looks like PDX hit 70 at 6pm today, the first 70 degree temperature this season.  Spring so far (March & April) has been pretty average, but we’ve had a real lack of ridging or offshore flow for very warm temps.  If you think about it, the average high of 62 for today is really a compilation of lots of 55-60 degree days plus a few 70-80 degree days in the past thrown in.

Still warm tomorrow since the wavy front offshore is still there.  A final wave should push it onshore late Thursday.  But as I mentioned last night it will be a fast mover and we won’t see much rain. 

Warm weekend still on track too with our first very warm east wind event of the spring.  850 mb. temps on the 12z/18z GFS and ECMWF rise up to around +8 C by Sunday afternoon.  Mark’s Magic Chart we look at here in the newsroom gives us mid 70’s when that is accompanied by easterly flow at the surface.  That’s where I get the 75 degree forecast high.  NWS is going 65 and partly-mostly cloudy…hmm.  They’ll come around right?   I still remember the 90 degree high on April 30th back in 1998.  That was an easterly wind event with a +18 C temperature.   Am I getting old when I can remember 8 years ago as "just yesterday"?

During my morning wanderings through the yard/garden I noticed my peach and nectarine trees are blooming, the 30 at my home yesterday morning apparently didn’t affect them.  I’m always amazed at microclimates here in the metro area.  I saw peach trees blooming 3 weeks ago in Canby, amazing how just 1000′ elevation can slow things down.  Everything runs behind at home.  If you want early tomatoes, live right in the middle of the city.  If you don’t want to mow until April each year, live at 1000′ or above.  Choose your own climate.

By the way…someone in the last post mentioned a forecast for Bend.  We have a sister station there and here’s the link to the 7 Day Forecast for Bend: