Nice Day!

April 18, 2006

Today was the essence of Northwest spring weather if you were to ask me.  I spent the morning working outside.  Chilly at first and then warm/sunny by midday.  Of course I would order about 10 degrees of warming, but I only forecast it, I don’t create.

Nice again tomorrow, a bit warmer too.  No offshore flow, or else we’d be up into the lower 70’s.

The big change in the last 24 hours is with the late week system.  Now models bring it through quickly, with just light rain Thursday night and Friday morning.  By late Friday afternoon flow turns northerly at the surface, always a "clearing" wind in the spring, so mostly clear by Friday evening.  I notice 00z ETA now has strong offshore flow developing already by Saturday morning.  Longer range models had that over us Sunday and Monday too. 

That should give us our first warm east wind event of the spring, so 70’s will finally arrive, and maybe well INTO the 70’s too.  We have a beautiful sunny weekend coming!  So the forecast for the next 7 days really includes only 1 weak system Friday.  Things are really going to start drying out around here.